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As some of you may know, I'm a huge fan of the musical score from TLOTR films. To this day I listen to a favourites play list often. After not being overly excited with The Hobbit films and score so far I have found a gem. Its called A Feast of Starlight and there is an extended edition on Youtube. True Elven beauty. Choir boys singing in Sindarin and a Female soloist who's voice sores to the heights of Manwe's Eagles. I cry everytime I hear it despite the fact that its the song played over the scene where Elf and Dwarf supposedly fall in love.... I'll leave that alone and go and listen to this gorgeous piece of music again....

Ahh . . . I just listened to it from YouTube, and you're right.  SO beautiful; it just made me sigh.  And then that made me look at lots of other elven songs.  Here's one I found; it's for Amras ;-D

Hope you like it :-)  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

Thanks Nerwen....

You can her my Elven playlist at my Youtube channel


Stephen C Tolkien


I shall give that song a spin sometime today. Thanks for sharing it, Brego.

@ Brego: I was really in love with the whole Mirkwood soundtrack, almost like the Realm of Gondor soundtrack, which in my opinion is Shore's best. The Feast of Starlight is definitely the best Hobbit 2 track, or maybe it tops both of them. @ Nirwen: Yes, the Tauriel theme I love too, it is very vivacious and colorful. I don't need the sound when I watch the video!!!!! Howard Shore does a brilliant job putting Tauriel into music. Tolkien would approve.

yes agreed friends re Tauriel's theme.... I think I'm looking forward to Master Shores score for the BOFA battle scene and I am already getting goosebumps about the penultimate "The Eagles are coming!" scene. I wander who will get that line....   

Well I've got to say again that two segments of music really bought on tears for me. The Fili, Tauriel Feast of Starlight death scene and most of all the Elvish Lorien/Imladris score when Elrond turns up to help Galadriel in Dol Guldur scene. Absolutely wonderful Mr Shore.... Steams of tears....

I've now received all of the cd's from Master Shore. I have emailed him and requested one cd which contains full versions of every Elven Score. One can only hope.

P.S There is a Kili Tauriel Feast of Starlight theme on Youtube. I am in tears by half way through every time.

Also, would love an extended White Council Galadriel v Sauron theme! I truely had some kind of multi dimensional experience via the music in this scene, just as Elrond struts in! "You should have stayed dead!.....