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So we've come to it. The Battle of Five Armies will probably be P.J's final journey into Middle Earth. Love him or hate him we should all agree that its been wonderful to see a groups idea of Middle Earth on the big screen, the music, the vistas, the environments and the characters. Although of course certain things I would have done differently, overall I have loved P.J's Middle Earth experience, as done billions of viewers. So what are we hoping to look forward to in TBOFA. For me there are a few things.... Bilbo meeting with Gandalf, Bard and Thranduil and handing over the Arkenstone. Clouds of Birds (probably bats) covering the Sun. The Eagles. The return home for Bilbo. But most of all..... Beorn rampaging, charging, knocking down Orcs and ulitmately killing Azog and probably Bolg and saving the day.
Well, let me see. As you have already said, Beorn crushing some orcs will look lovely, just like the breaking of the Gate of Gondor scene. For the emotional side for me it will be the death of Thorin and the possible death of Tauriel. Also, Smaug roasting laketown will be a spectacle. And none can forget Gandalf... I am silently but impatiently waiting for the Dol Guldur magic battle. PJ might make it like the battle of Hogwarts all over again. And I can't forget the Tauriel- Legolas skits, I sure hope my Silvan elf doesn't perish. I wonder if the famed director himself might make a cameo. If he does, he probably will be a dwarven warrior of Dain's army. AH! I forgot about Saruman, will he be in the magic battle?

It has indeed been fun watching whatever Peter comes up next. I just recently bought myself a newer edition of the LOTR box-set, and I think that I'll get The Hobbit trilogy box-set too, once such a thing is released.

I hope though, that The Battle of Five Armies won't be Peter's last adventure in Middle-Earth, for I would give anything to get to see The Children of Húrin adapted into one or two films. Smile Smilie

It would be too great of a task for pj to make another Middle Earth epic, and a good one if he did. The Children of Hurin is a extended Turin Turambar from the Silmarillion, and the Sil is so complex and too descriptive for non Tolkien fans too enjoy or understand. Besides, the budget would have to be much higher and even than, no producer would risk the filming of a movie that will only appeal to Tolkien fans. The most powerful factor against pj coming back to ME would be the rights he would have to acquire from Christopher Tolkien and sons, that would be a real stickler. Risking the wrath of thousands of Tolkien fans would be a dark smudge on his directing career, because to us- the Sil is the most beloved of all The Professor's books. I first thought not more than 6 months ago that pj was making the Sil. If you see my ridiculous thread called Seize the Day, you will understand. It was being thought out by Peter, but nothing sprouted forth from the idea.

To be honest, I've put a lot of thought into movies based on the Sil. There are, however, lots of other threads for such a discussion, so I will say only that I think that there are viable (read: profitable for producers) ways to make a movie of the Sil that would do justice to the book. Unfortunately for us, most producers would choose to make a different movie, one which would eviscerate yet another masterpiece so that they could have even more money.

The children of Húrin as a standalone piece is very different from the Sil as a whole. The Sil is so incredibly complicated and relies on quite a lot of things that simply don't translate well to movies. Most importantly, there is no main character throughout the whole book. There isn't even a group of nine characters to follow. For a movie to do justice to the Sil as I previously said was possible, it would have to do something wholly different from what almost every movie ever has done (although the possibility for an outlet with which to tell the story as in Lost Tales could also be decent). TCoH is a standalone, not overly complicated or long, hero based story with a much smaller budget requirement that is largely based on a story that is hundreds of years old ( The point is, the potential for it to be done correctly is vastly higher than the potential for the Sil to be done higher.

I always wondered what would happen if Quentin Tarantino wrote a script for tCoH, and Christian Bale from 2000 was Túrin.

What about a prequal to The Lord Of The Rings? Perhaps called The Numenorians, telling the tail of Numenor and its downfall, telling the tale of Aragon's fore Fathers and the uplifting of Men after the destruction of Morgoth in Middle Earth. This could be followed up by The Return of Shadow which tells the Tale of Sauron's return to Middle Earth and his increase of power, the tale of The Rings of Power and ending with The Last Alliance. All previous happenings could be shown as a montage alla The Lord of The Rings. Spoken by Galadriel,of course.

Epic and all in the last chapter of The Silmarrion. I reckon this could be commercial enough to make money form the Producers and if done properlly a major event for the lovers of Tolkien.

So 'The Last Alliance' was the event, when men and elves marched together to face Sauron and his armies, correct?

But hey, not bad suggestions. The Sil though, in my opinion, could be a little bit too tough to make into films.

THOC could work, as Cur suggested.

And oh, I spoke of 'The Last Alliance', 'cause it also happens to be an album entitle of one of my favorite Tolkien metal bands, Battlelore.

I think that a movie about the fall of Numenor (featuring Isildur to remind people how it relates to the other movies) could be very successful and would be much more than just an action film like LotR. I think the primary reason that I want to see such a film is because it would be about death and deathlessness (a good deal) which Tolkien claimed to be the main subject of LotR.

Yes and working backwards (prequals) means that non readers will have a connection already to those characters they already are familiar with. Galadriel, Elrond, Isildur etc. We have to remember the time span and hundreds of unknown characters in the Sil. I reckon the general public would get very lost.