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Eryan began this thread with the following post.

Henneth Annun - when I read about it for the first time, I had a very strong feeling
of "deja vu" ("I have seen this already). And now I think I know why!
A very similar hiding place - a cave hidden beyond a waterfall - figures in the classical
book of J. F.Cooper "The last of Mohicans".
Do you know the movie "The last of Mohicans" with Daniel Day-Lewis? I adore it,
especially the music (perhaps the most beautiful movie music I ever heard). There are
very nice pictures of that cave in that film, in particular a scene when a troop of redskin
Indians arrives with torches seen dimly through a courtain of falling water...
Tolkien wrote in his essay "On fairy storiers" that he liked stories about Red Indians
when he was a boy... he must have read that book... well everybody did I think...

Grondmaster replied

Yes, and the openness of the New England woods is how I saw Ithilien (as opposed to the impenetrable rain forest of the Pacific Northwest). I loved James Fenimore Cooper's books--but I skipped over all Natty Bumppo's inner musings, as they tended to slow down the action. Smile Smilie

Where and what is Henneth Annun? Smile Smilie
It's a secret hiding place of Gondorians (Faramir & Comp.) in Ithilien. It is described in TT.
When I read it for the first time, I was reminded of a cave in one of the Famous Five's adventures (Enid Blyton book for 6 year olds). I think Georgina had an island (which had a secret cave) and the Famous Five ran there when an evil scientist kidnapped her dad or something.

Hmm...that reminds me. Must go back and read them again. Big Smile Smilie
When I first read the book I saw Ithilien as an even more "Mediterranean" landscape. And then I have seen very Ithilien-like woodlands in Normandy. Only the cave reminded me of J.F.Cooper cave, not the woodlands... [Edited on 11/2/2002 by Eryan]
i envisioned ithilien as a foresty place not junglely(i know not if that is a word)
I imagine Ithilien as a kind of "maquis" or a savannah, full of light (decidedly NOT "junglely")
I see Ithilien as a region with yellow rocks, pine trees, smal scrubs, full of small creeks, tiny finches flying around and zirping crickets. Somewhat like the foresty region around Les Alpilles in Provence, France.
Mediterranean, definitely. And why not the French Provence and his culinary tradition indeed? After all, it's in Ithilien Tolkien situates the highly diverting discussion between Sam and Gollum about 'p'tatous' and preparing rabbits in their 'jus'... Tongue Smilie
Mmmmmm, me likesssssssss them raw. Dripping, ssssssssoft, raw fleshshshshshsh. Very Evil Smilie