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Morgoth, or may we call you Best?

More of Gondolin, few could tell, except perhaps the Silmarillion. It is an awe inspiring and tragic tale, that moved me deeply.

Gondolin is in the top left hand corner of Tolkien's map of Beleriand, which you will also find in the Sil.

Turgon also has a thread under 'characters' if you are interested in reading other people's comments on him

Happy Reading!! And welcome to the forum.
The location of Goldolin under the waves is approximately 500 miles west of Hobbiton and 150 miles to the north. Not having access to global positioning satellites and submersibles makes this just a rough estimate. Big Smile Smilie

*hides behind the golden tree in the Kings garden, hoping she is not leaving a tell-tale trail of drips*
I was just stroling through the forum....

Gondolin is definately my favourite Sil place. I would love to see the great fountains, the walled gardens, the waterfalls, the green valley floor, the great tower of Ecthelion, the images of the Two Trees and maybe get a glimpse of the royal family Smile Smilie .

If I could take a time machine into ME, that is where I would visit first.
But then we'd never see you again, Allyssa, because by Turgon's Law, whoever finds their way there can never be permitted to leave again. Look what happened the last time he broke that command.
Still, it'd be a pretty good place to spend the rest of your life.
Yeah Gondolin sounded pretty nice but think i'd prefer to go hang out in the Shire for a bit. Nice beer, bit of a sing song, stroll in the hills. If i went to Gondolin I wouldnt understand a darned thing they were saying (unless they spoke Welsh and that would just be wierd) have to stay there forever and listen to all their moanin' about how great their old home was and sitting around plucking thier eyebrows and combing their hair like all the vain gits they are. Thats why I went to stay down at the coast to make sure when they left they bloody well didn't come back again!
Big Laugh Smilie
First post: Couldnt think of a better place to put it, a question if I may:--... All the literature I have read tells me that Frodo, after about 50 years, and because of his injuries, goes to Grey Havens with Gandalf and Elrond thence by White Ship captained by Cirdon, to "dwell a while among the deathless of Amon", Does anyone know what and where Amon is and who the deathless are ? ........thanks Big Smile Smilie
Very much so, Aman refers to the undying lands of Valinor in the uttermost west, where the Valar and Maiar and most of the elves now live. If this is just so much gobbledigook to you, then don't worry you are not alone.
You may notice in Lotr that many of the Elves talk about returning into the uttermost west. This is what they mean. It is kind of like the Vallhalla of Norse mythology in some ways (not the feasting and killing of course) but much like Bifrost, the Rainbow bridge to Vallhalla, Tolkien had the "Straight Road" that went off the edge of the world to Valinor. For more (and probably more coherent) information, try the Silmarillion, very hard going compared to LOtr and the Hobbit, but good for knowing this sort of thing.

Welcome to the Forum Gromdul, I hope you enjoy it.
Thanks Plastic squirrel, appreciated, no indeed it didnt sound like gobbledigook, just had trouble getting a bead on Aman, I can foolow that up now, once again.....thanks
Big Smile Smilie
Welcome to our forum Gromdul. Smile Smilie
..'d 'ell, Plastic, you're sounding like a walking encyclopaedia.

Me mate Plastic's all grown up & responsible now. Sad Smilie

So I'll venture down these lonely paths...alone.... *all sniffly & teary-eyed*

Oh, hi there gromdul! Welcome. Smile Smilie
Grown up and responsible my arse! I was just trying out being helpful yesterday, frankly I scared myself, so I might have to have a rest from it today.

But you're very welcome to the help Gromdul. Smile Smilie

*runs off down the lonely paths after Golly, holding a water pistol behind his back*

*chucks a water-filled balloon at the unsuspecting squirrell & runs off for more ammo*

Hey la, my best friend's back! Hooray! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
*looks around to check Grondy isn't watching, then sticks a hose pipe down Golly's neck, chuckling evilly all the time*
Erm... we're having this fight in Gondolin by the way, honest. Wink Smilie

*runs up to the top of the Tower of Ecthelion to prove it*
Tower of Turgon, mate. The Tower of Echtelion, was in Minas Tirith.

*checks to see if Grondy's still not looking & quickly loads a huge water-balloon on the trebuchet*

I have you now!
Frankly I'd rather you chopped my hand off so I could jump off a great height than go and rule the galaxy with you.
*does a Hamster face, screams NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! and chucks himself off the tower, whatever it's called and falls down the well that Gothmog got killed in*
*reaches out sadly*

"Son..." Sad Smilie

oh, darn. game was over by the time I got here.... Very Sad Smilie

hehehe... * puts a bucket of water over the door - errr Way of Escape - hoping to drench Plastic and Golly when they get back* Very Evil Smilie
Man, it was a great spectator sport though! Big Laugh Smilie
ROFLMAO!!! Ha Ha Ha Smilie

*runs up the attick to go and find here long-left water pistol to join the fight, meanwhile avoided Allyssa's trap carefully*

*finds the water pistol and hides behind a no-named tower wating for squirrels and spiders to turn up again*

*looks around and sees Grondy approaching so hides in the tower, hereby walking into Allyssa's trap*

*sees Grondy walking past and goes off in search for Allyssa, looking for a revenge*
ooopps. that was not supposed to get you Tommi!

*resets trap for Squirrel and Ungy*
*has spotted Allyssa walking carelessly around, fearing nothing apparently*

*looks around twice but doesn't spot Grondy anywhere, so decides to go for a revenge*

*approaches Allyssa from behind (I know, very nasssty, but can't help myself) and yells BOOO!*

*Allyssa turns around and Tom empties her water pistol in her face, then runs off laughing her head off*

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*laughs and goes in search of her son's 'super blaster' electronic water gun.

Very Evil Smilie
*shrieks NOOOO and goes in search for her garden hose*

Very Evil Smilie

*has found her garden hose and is ready for Allyssa's pathetic gun*

Very Evil Smilie

*is also wondering what Grondy is going to do when he sees this*
Grondy finally arrives on the scene driving a Japanese Water Canon and proceeds to blast the riff-raff from the grounds surrounding the tower making the area safer for the tourists to view the combatants fighting for and against the destruction of Gondolin. Big Laugh Smilie

Taz follows with a hairdryer and finds it insufficient for the never ending task of repairing the damage caused by the shenanigans of the inmates. Elf Winking Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

And to think I thought the games had ended! You never cease to amaze me Grondy. Smoke Smilie
Any council member can step in here and be the bad guy moderator, if they want too. I just felt like joining in the fun. Big Smile Smilie
And yet nobody wants to help me out of this darn well? Fantastic...
Moderator Smilie Valedhelgwath, the bad guy moderator appears on the scene... Moderator Smilie

Surveying the sacrilege being committed in the city in which his parents lost their lives, he makes a few notes in his clipboard and shakes his head. "But this is happening in Gondolin!" he hears a small voice echoing from deep within a well.
True, he decides, and besides Grondy's water canon does look awefully fun. Putting on his wellingtons, oilskins and umbrella, he joins in the fun, kicking water at anyone within five paces.
ROFLMAO!!!! Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

Red's right, this is more fun to spectate. Keep it going guys, we're cracking up here.

Oh, and somebody fish that poor Squirrel outta the well...
Having fallen down a rabbit hole while collecting wildflower seeds in the hills, and finding he has landed in the Hidden City of Gondolin, Sam Gamgee the Bold, upon hearing cries for help from yonder well, fishes in his pack and finds a rope, which the Elves of L’rien had made from hithlain. After securing it with 'as fast as hitch as any one could have done,' he tosses the other end down the well, and cries out, "Grab the rope! Sammy will save you."

It is now left to future generations of our readers to decide, whether the Plastic Squirrel, in all his wetness, is humble enough to accept being rescued by one Samuel J. Gamgee, Esq., a Hobbit of some repute, of whom said squirrel has been known to hate, or at least has stated a strong displeasure towards, for quite some time on these fair pages.
*wanders over to the well, folds arms calmly and looks in*

Thats a nice pickle you have landed yourself in Mr Plastic....Ha Ha Ha Smilie

*attatches a fire hose to the nearest fountain and goes looking for Tommi*
Moderator Smilie Right, Big Bad Red enters and gently moves poor Sam aside and pulls the rope out of the well. Plastic started this whole thing, so in the well he stays! Moderator Smilie
She takes the rope, wraps it up and heads off to gather the others. Shaking Head Smilie

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Fuelled by hatred of Samwise Gamgee the pointless, the Skwerl manages to summon some of his spidey strength and web slings his way out of the well. He grabs the aforementioned Hobbit and after beating him senseless with a rock, places him firmly at the bottom of the well he so recently vacated, and begins to refill it with acid, as water was getting boring. Smile Smilie
The Squirrel has escaped! Rednell takes her new found rope and heads back to the stands to watch the sport. Monitor, Smonitor! Moderator Smilie

I learned the difference between fantasy and reality when he broke down and wept, Oh, the humanity, the humanity. - Orson Wells

Move over Prog, I'm back.

[Edited on 2/9/2002 by Rednell]
Prog scoots over.

"Did you bring any popcorn?"
Taz returns having tossed the underachieving hairdryer, and graduated to using the engine exhaust from a military jet aircraft to dry things out (kicking in the afterburner for those stubborn hard spots) got things in Gondolin a little less chaotic, at least for the time being. So Angry Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie So Angry Smilie
Mellie hope that Grondy did not calm things down too much, she was having fun eating popcorn (yes, I brought enough for everyone) on the sidelines with Prog and Red.
Does anyone have any conditioner? I've gone all fluffy in that industrial strength hairdryer.
Serves you right! Aw, doesn't fwaffy little squirrel wook cute. Big Laugh Smilie
*ruffles Plastic's fur

You feel just like my long haired cat!

*tucks waterpistol into belt, for use elsewhere...when you all least expect it Very Evil Smilie
"Taz Speaking for himself this time"... Hmmm, I assume as some of our 'Council Members' have joined in on this thread that it hasn't gone off-topic? *Thought so..*
uuuuummmm off topic, you have to remember where we are. in uuuumm Gondolin right?

Mellie has a bunch of conditoner, and dangles it in front of PS,
"Nah, you can't have it, I like the fluffy do"

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[Edited on 5/9/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
/me sits down with popcorn to watch the entertainment Very Big Grin Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie


*Ungoliant scrambles stealthily down Cirith Thoronath, squeezing herself in the cracks of the mountain pass at the slightest sound in order to aviod the ongoing battle between a hunky golden-haired elf and an ugly, wingless fire-demon. *

*Golly uses her engineering skills to build a water pipeline to right behind the viewing stands, where Red, Prog, Melly & 42 were munching popcorn*

*Golly attaches a powerful sprinker system to the pipeline & aims towards the stands*

*Golly opens the water valve, and runs away*

*giggles, rubs chip fat into his fur to make it stay down, and disappears as swiftly as he suddenly appeared, wondering how the heck you get off the plain of Tumladen*
*Golly covers the entrance to Orfalch Echor, that deep ravine in southwerstern Tumladen, with moss & heather, and gigling to herself, puts up a sign that says,

"Dis waY to leaf TUMladn"
Skwerl follows the sign and runs straight over the ravine no worries, with a hearty "Meep Meep!" Golly, attempting to follow his lead, plummets in a majorly Coyote stylee.
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