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Hey my first post here.

Im half way through the second book and i was wondering weather any1 got confused like me when reading the books.

Tolkien describes the places so vividly and is always making references to other places and i find myself always refering to the maps in the back to make sure i know where the gang are.

P.S the film is nothing like the book, im so dissappointed, but saying that i cant wait to see the second one.

what are you confused about in the books? If you're specific, maybe someone around here could help you out. I always get a little lost with the places and names of things...
Welcome to the forum Love.

While reading, I always store my bookmark at the map page to enable ready access. But then, I'm a map person and like to compliment the text with the visual representation of where the journey is taking the adventures.

As many places have multiple names, I also frequent "Places", Part Two of the Glossary-Index at the end of 'The Return of the King' to help reduce my confusion.
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The best map book is 'The Atlas of Middle Earth' (Revised Edition) by Karen Wynn Fonstad, Houghton Mifflin Co. 1991, 8" x 11" paperback, 210 pages, about $24 U.S., ISBN 0-618-12699-6

It contains detailed maps and explanatory text covering 'The Lord of the Rings', 'The Hobbit', and 'The Silmarillion'. Cool Smilie
Hmmm. That could be interesting for me too, cos I seem to get lost an awful quite of time as well. Thanks for the tip! Smile Smilie
Welcome. Love! Why don't you pop in at our 'Information for Newbies' thread if you haven't already!
I also look at the maps a lot while reading Lord of the Rings, but then again I am a map person. I shall have to check out that book Grondy. Any specific questioins about maps/places/locations, Love?
Hey thanks for the tip Grondmaster. I think I'm also a Map person Tongue Smilie , I also have a huge poster of the Middle Earth map posted on my wall, its a rally good idea when you need to locate some place.
I just got 'The Atlas of Middle Earth' (Revised Edition) by Karen Wynn Fonstad, not too long ago and I love it. There is so much information inside besides just the maps. It is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Thanks for the suggestion Grondy.
Your welcome Mellie. Happy Elf Smilie
Im a map person too! Especially with Middle-Earth. I cant find anything on the little maps they gave you in the books. i cant even find Rivendell!
Im a map person too! Especially with Middle-Earth. I cant find anything on the little maps they gave you in the books. i cant even find Rivendell!
Some of the newer Ballentine paperback editions are quite poor in their choice of maps: The Movie Cover ones' maps of The Shire are very poor, While their maps of Gondor and Mordor are quite good, they don't cover the area from Bree to Rivendell to Moria to Lothlorien very well.

Ballentine's newest edition of Unfinished Tales has a good Map of Numenore and Middle-earth, but needs one of Beleriand. While that one is included in their edition of The Silmarillion, but the ones of Numenor and M-e aren't.

I have a new boxed set on order and will be interested to see if they have put in a good map of The Shire in any of the books. I doubt if they remember that they used to have a good Shire map in thier 1967 edition of FotR which really helped at the beginning and ending of the books.
I always suggest making use of the maps available on PT and printing them up. If you have access to a REALLY good copier, copy the maps in quarters, enlarge them, and piece them together. That way, you have a VERY detailed map that's big enough for you to see everything on there.
I'm a map person as well, I just LOVE going back and look at the maps in the end of the book. I've got the latest edition and there are quite a few maps there, but I still don't feel it's enough. I'd like to have "The Atlas of Middle Earth" but I don't know where to get it, besides on the net, so I think having the maps available here on PT would be a really great idea! If that is possible? Hum.. ok, so I haven't checked, but isn't there a thread where members can make suggestions on how to improve this site? Perhaps we can make a suggestion there?
I've got 'The Atlas of Middle Earth' (Revised Edition) by Karen Wynn Fonstad, and though it is a wonderful book, in my opinion the best maps of Middle Earth are not there, but are in the Middle Earth Role Playing modules published by Iron Crown Enterprise.

They are coloured maps that cover most of Middle Earth and have the appearance of the land viewed from above. If you like maps, I'd advise you to search out these modules.
Anyone who loves maps, check out this site:

One I submitted should be on there soon, of the whole of Arda. Anyway, it's a really good site, and I guarantee you'll find at least one that will be useful to you. Cool Smilie
Cheers for that one, Peredhil. Some of the maps I mentioned in my previous post are actually on that site. For those of you who are interested, they are the ones denoted with a blue "ICE". It looks like someone has taken the time to scan them in from the modules. I'll have to spend some time there and see if I cannot fill in some of the blank spaces I have missing in my collection.
We at P-T have 24 Maps available for viewing via the *Art Gallery* from the menu on the upper left. Click on them to enlarge. Do this a couple times waiting a while the third time for all the all the detail to load. Cool Elf Smilie
Hey Val, do you have many of the ICE Role Playing books? I've got one and it's one of my most treasured books. Mine is "Night of the Nazgul" and it is so awesome!
Val is at sea and probably won't be back until 21 April.
Poor weather allowed me to get home for tonight Smile Smilie

Hey Val, do you have many of the ICE Role Playing books?

I've got about thirty of them Uruk, but not the one you mentioned. There's a thread somewhere (I think its in one of the taverns) where everyone was listing their collections of Middle Earth stuff. There's a full list of them in there. Four of my favourites, though not actually modules, are Middle Earth Companions. Of these there are three Lord of Middle Earth books which list everyone who was anyone in Middle Earth, giving them stats for both Middle Earth Roleplaying and Rolemaster systems. The other is a Middle Earth Gazetta which lists all the towns and villages, giving their populations, military strengths, etc. If you like that sort of thing, I'd really recommend trying to find them.