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What happened to Bag End after Frodo left Middle-Earth did he leave it to Sam or did those nasty relatives moved into it?
Mr. and Mrs. Samwise Gamgee (the former Rosie Cotton) lived and raised thirteen children in what was Bilbo and Frodo's humble abode . Were you to read the last chapter of RotK as well as Appendicies B and C you would learn this as well as many other interesting historical facts, in fact all the Appendicies are well worth reading as they flesh out a lot that wasn't written on LotR. Teacher Smilie
Thanks, I am now towards the end in RotK so I will be able to read it soon
So you're a NEWBIE reader? *holds Vee back* Haha, we don't often get one of those who are still reading the books and join a fansite!!! How do you know it's great? It could have a really bad ending!!!

Imagine having THIRTEEN children. Sam can always cook and garden all day, but ROSIE... imagine looking after THIRTEEN screaming kids... unlucky, I say. Probably the only time when fourteen is unluckier than thirteen.
Hey 13 is a great number Angry Elf Smilie but I think you are right about it not being lucky in this instince.
Heehee, I think Rosie would agree. "AAAARGH!!!! Frodo's eating slugs again!!! Pippin!!! Elanor is NOT a toy!!!!! NOOOO!!!!!!" And of course Sam is of at some MAyor Counciltype meeting.
LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Laugh Smilie
I applaud the impressions Very Big Grin Smilie