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How did Weathertop become a ruin?
By the way, sorry about the 'W' thread. I had just started on one like this when I pressed enter by mistake.
That's OK - I removed the 'W' thread for you.

I don't know the details of Weathertop offhand but I'm sure someone else will. Val perhaps?
Weathertop is just a hill, but upon it Elendil built the watch-tower of Amon Sul in the Second Age. This was built to keep watch over Angmar, and the chief palantir stone was kept there. Weathertop was on the border of the three realms of Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur, however, and as they became more and more sundered from one another during the Third Age, possession of the tower became contested. Rhudaur eventually became allied with Angmar, and in TA 1409, a combined force from Angmar and Rhudaur captured the tower and burned it. King Arveleg of Arthedain was slain defending it.
Thenks for removing the 'W' thread, Vee.

and the chief palantir stone was kept there.

I have always thought that the chief palantir stone was kept in Valinor - could this have been after Weathertop's ruin? Or is there another 'chief stone' that I don't know about?
Sorry Tasari, I should have said the Chief stone of the North Kingdom. There were actually three major stones and four minor stones brought to Middle Earth. The Amon Sul stone was was one of the major stones. You are correct in that the overall Master stone was kept in Valinor.

You may find this thread containing an essay by Elfstone about the palantir stones interesting...
Palantir Thread
Thanks Val, the Palantiri thread's really good. I never realised there were different types of palantir.
The Master-stone was kept in VALINOR? I thought it was kept in Osgiliath!!!! And I just read Elfstone's little thingy. Ah, but I kind of skimmed it, just taking in the important hard facts... maybe I missed it.