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Hi. I seem to remember reading of a people living north of the grey mountains, but cannot remember anything of the people or where I read it. I think it was in UT, but have no idea whereabouts. I think it may have been in relation to the Druedain. If they exist, this people, are they evil, good or neutral?
Are you thinking of the Lossoth (Snowmen of Forochel), remnants of the Forodwaith who live in the cold regions north of Arnor? You should look in Appendix A of LotR; they're hard to find because they're not mentioned in the Index.
It could be. I think they are also mentioned as I said with the Druedain in UT. Thank you very much. I seem to remember also some men living north of the grey mountains, but maybe this was a misunderstanding. THank you again
Well, in UT in the Dr’edain section it mentioned the Men of the White Mountains, i.e. Ered Nimrais. Those who were akin to the Dunlendings, Dead Men of Dunharrow, pre-N’men’reans, and some of the less savoury Bree-landers. I think they were remnants of a part of the Folk of Haleth who didn't cross over to N’menor. Maybe you meant to say White Mountains? If not, then I can't think of anything else.
No definitely grey mountains I was asking about. Does it not mention the snowmen in Druedain essay? If not then sorry to be a pain. Maybe I misread the part in UT about the remnant in the White Mountains, and over time I got the idea there somehow came to travel past the grey mountains... Anyway thanks a lot. Is anything else said about the snowmen in HOME?
The Lossoth are mentioned in the Appendices of LOTR, in the Annals of the Kings of Arnor.

They helped Arvedui when he fled from the forces of Angmar.

The people in the White Mountains are Men of Darkness, who are not related to the Lossoth. They were the Oathbreakers.

The Lossoth are mentioned as being descendants of the Forodwaith, who indeed lived in the Northern Waste during the First Age.
Thank you with the Lossoth. I knew about the Oathbreakers (Men of DunHarow?) and was obviously misytaken about the Grey Mountains.
.....and was obviously misytaken about the Grey Mountains.

No, the Forodwaith lived north of the Grey Mountains in the Northern Waste, but we know little more of them if any. I assume they would be comparable to the ancestors of the indigenous peoples who live near our Arctic Circle.
Didn't the Iron Hills dwarfs come from there?
The only people I can recollect living further North than Arthedain was the Men of Forochel. Forodwaith lies further north and East of Forechel and I would doubt any live there becuase even Morgoth's servants could not dwell that far North and had to stay nearer the Iron mountains (which what left of them becomes known as the Grey mountains of the Third Age). Besides Dragons dwell in the lands Far North and all other sihgns point to a pretty inhosipitable existance if men did live there.
Yeah but i was thinking of the Grey Mountains. i think tha tthe dwarves of the iron hills left them when a dragon sacked their halls and killed their king.