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I found a map that showed the whole of middle earth and after alot of fixing the picture i could clearly see a place in the upper corner right next to the ruins of angbang the word pitk’ranta wich is finnish and means "long beach" and i wonder is there any mention of this remote place in any of tolkiens work. The map is from the third age because beleriand had already sunken and was not on the map but as a sea. Pitk’ranta was a little north from mount rerir that is a little north of lake helevorn. Anyone ever heard of it?

theres something for you to look into! i hope you have some answers for me when i come on a holiday again Smile Smilie!
The only 'long beach'-ish place I know of, is Anfalas (Langstrand in Westron), which was in Gondor.

It's translated as 'long shore' in English, which is erroneous, since Lang=long, strand=beach in Dutch & Afrikaans. JRRT simply took this word from the language of the land where he was born.
That map with Finnish names is by ICE (Iron Crown Enterprises), who are known so (in)famously for making up names for the Ringwraiths (Uvatha, Er-Murazor, etc.). Or it might be the Wikimedia one. Either way, it's complete fan-fiction and not based on Tolkien's Middle-earth.