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could it be possible that, from moving on to the undying lands that the elves (or those of great honor) move on to a different world? it gets confusing... like for instance, do they go onto adventures themselves? or do they live on... how come we havent any stories of what happens in the undying lands, unless tolkien did, but I havent read, or heard of it... it is interesting isnt it? Read Smilie

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I may be misunderstanding your question now, but I'm guessing that you haven't read the Silmarillion yet? Do so the first chance you get, you will learn more about the Undying Lands. LOTR barely scratches the surface of Tolkien's world. Smile Smilie

Yeah, and after the Silmarillion, move on to the Unfinished Tales to see more of what's beneath the surface you were scratching.

Anyhow, yes, they sail to a place called Valinor, where the Valar (or Gods) live. Its like how heaven is to us Earth dwellers.
The Valar are more like angels than gods, but Valinor is a sort of Elf Heaven and after the sinking of Numenor near the end of the Second Age, it is off-world.
Heh heh heh... "Off Shore"... I just got this crazy picture in my head, of Aragorn outsourcing stuff to the Noldor over in Aman. Hey, after all, the years are longer over there (well, they USED to be) so I guess the wages end up cheaper than in Middle-Earth. Wink Smilie
That is a crazy picture! Smile Smilie

It would be neat to have stories of some adventures taking place in the Undying Lands. I imagine it to be a place where there is a lot of activity and interaction - it's where Feanor came from - and I'd like to hear more.
I like Vlinor for a holiday place, where I will be staying for a long time and then come back, for Tolkien pointed aboutthat men cannot live in those regions because nothing dies or fades and you're the only person that does, so naturlly you feel jealous and unhappy, as well as ahostof bad feelings, so ust a holiday.Wiggle Smilie Smile Smilie
Yes, in theory if you buy a puppy in Valinor... you will be dead before it grows but one Valian Year older (in the 144 conception anyway).

Then again, in theory you can have the same hund for your whole life, if you like Wink Smilie
lol... wow, I really am a tolkien newbie, I never knew... maybe I should go brush up on my tolkein-studying, who knew that one person would have thought up of such an intricate world, I am truly amazed at the preserverance and love he put into making this possible, if it wasn't for him we wouldnt have the wonderful world of Middle Earth... so, let me go brush up on my M.E knowledge
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