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Thread: were is pelirir and dol amroth

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just want to know
"Dol Amroth" is located on the Bay of Belfalas about two hundred miles due south of Edoras.

If by "pelirir" you meant "Pelargir", it is located on the Anduin River, about 150 miles downstream from Minas Tirith.
ya i meant... peligir thanks alot
Pelargir rather Smile Smilie

Peligir would be stressed pEligir (stress pelArgir) and would not contain the part meaning 'royal', as Pelargir means 'Garth of royal ships'.

I don't mean to annoy about spelling (and I make plenty of mustakes myself), but this just gives me a chance to post something about Tolkien's amazing nomenclature.
You don't want to know what "Pelargir" means in Armenian...
Well now I do!

Though on second thought Wink Smilie
i do HAHA