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Were Is The Forsaken Inn, The Golden Perch, And The Ivy Bush?... thanks
ivy bush is on the bywater road if i am not mistaken...
forsaken inn i do not know..
golden perch was in the shire aswell.. can't remember quite where tho..
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The Forsaken Inn is about a day's march east of Bree. It is the easternmost inn on the Great East Road.

The Golden Perch is in the village of Stock, located south of the Brandywine Bridge.

thanks guys or girls
Some other well known Middle-earth inns and taverns:

The Prancing Pony is located in Bree
The Green Dragon Inn is located in Bywater
The Floating Log Inn is located in Frogmorton on The Great East Road about twenty miles west of the Brandywine Bridge.
The Khazad-d’mish Inn is located in the Planet-Tolkien role playing threads