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Does any 1 know if theres anyother maps of places AROUND middle-earth? cause i would like to know what farther than harad in that direction... or whats farther than rhun were the eastrlings come from... or what farther north rather thaneast and south? anyone know or is that left to our imagination cause that would be fine.
yes.. infact i have a map of the entire middle-earth if you want pm me and i will send it to you Smile Smilie
There were a bunch of maps in our gallery until we changed servers last month, but Grep hasn't updated the gallery and added in the missing artwork.

The late Karen Wynn Fonstad issued the revised edition of her The Atlas of Middle-earth, which includes maps from the beginning through the Third Age of Middle-earth and shows historical explorations, battles, as well as geographical subjects such as landforms, climate, vegetation, languages, and population. I have found the paperback version ISBN 0-618-12699-6 is well worth the price.
ok thanks