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I'd like to live in Mirkwood

Are there many here who live in Mirkwood? Which part of the forest would you like to abide in?

I would like to live in the bosom of the Mountains of Eryn Galen. And if the shadow was not lifted, then I would probably prefer the parts North from the Forest River.
To me was this burden left: to see the last of my kind. No more elf-lings beneath the trees of Eryn Lasgalen...
So few of us now left to tell of what once was in Eryn Galen. So much to remember and none to talk to. Shadow and mist cover now the knowledge of Moredel and lost is the history of Eldamorlie, that was once, before the shadow, called Sylvan Elves and amongst them were Eldar Eryn Gallenion (Elves of Green Wood).
Here I call to those still walking our home-forests to show up and speak... But a call against the winds of time this seems to be.

A hlare, Eldamorlie! Tulal, haanornya! Tulal!