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Hello All,
I'm new to your forum and wondering if you could help me with a quote or saying. I have a sailboat that I've named Palarran and it's quote is "All who wander are not lost". I also own a cabin in the Northwoods of the United States. It is named Rivendell. I am trying to come up with a quote for it. Do you all have any suggestions? Thanks.
Welcome to PT! Waving Hello Smilie
I haven't been able to think of a quote for the cabin, but thought I'd just tell you: The correct Tolkien quote for your boat is 'Not all those who wander are lost'.
Hope your stay on this site is a long one!
Fornad has the correct quote from the book FotR. However I suppose it is possible that PJ's movie version modified them. Does anyone remember?

My suggestion for the cabin in the woods would be The Last Homely House, - from The Hobbit and the quote is 'Hidden somewhere ahead of us is the fair valley of Rivendell where Elrond lives in the Last Homely House.'

Edited to correct my spelling errors as pointed out below.
The Last Homely House would again be the correct quote, Grondy. Big Smile Smilie