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Cirdan began this thread with the following post.

Belegost and Nogrod are the two ancient dwarven homes in Ered Luin right, so doe that mean the home Thrain and Thorin found in exile in the west was the remnants of these ancient cities? If so were there any other dwarves still living there? After all Lindon and the Ered Luin are the only remnants of Beleriand in Middle Earth.
...and what secrets do they hold? I wonder if anything of the old world (apart from the grey havens) is preserved there.

Grondmaster replied

I think Belegost was probably still available for an archeological expedition, could they but find an entrance under the rubble; however, Nogrod was probably destroyed when the land subsided and anything remaining lies under the Gulf of Lune.

Big Laugh Smilie *laughs* Middle Earth needs archeaologists (thats spelt wrong isn't it?)
Yeah so they can prove Elrond and his folowers record the history wrong!! That they really were the Evil guys and melkor really was the nice chap in the pub giving everyone a pint or two!!
Could you please tell us more about the homes of Thrain and Thorin?
By Thrain and Thorin, I assume you are refering to Thrain II and Thorin II, Samwisegamgee, who for many years spent part of their lives exciled in the Blue Mountains.

I have found very little information about this subject. Like Grondmaster says earlier, Nogrod would lie beneath the Gulf of Lune, so there is no possibility of them living there. Belegost was said to have been destroyed too, but it was a lot further south than Nogrod in the area that became Harlindon. It is possible that industrious Dwarves could have mined their way into the ruins, but personally I don't believe that was the case.

Thorin was said to have done alright for himself but only through hard work. I got the impression he had spent those years slaving over a forge and anvil working iron, and that was why he was so keen to take back Erebor. Likewise with Thrain wanting to recolonise Khazad-dum. Belegost was supposed to have been rich in precious metals and gems. I think if they were living there, they would have been content to stay there, and would have been proud to say they came from Belegost.

One of the only other mentions of mines in these mountains is a story about King Arvedui, who in TA 1974 took shelter in an abandoned Dwarf mine in the northern Ered Luin. Since the Kings of Durin's Line were living there between TA 2810 to 2941, ie approx 900 years later, it is possible they had recolonised these same mines in the North.

As a sidenote, Thrain I lived in Khazad-dum until he led a group of his people to Erebor in TA 1999, and Thorin I lived in Erebor until leading his people into the Ered Mithrin .
I sincerely hope they werent!
Middle Earth needs archeaologists (thats spelt wrong isn't it?)

as an archaeologist myself I hereby step forward to the challenge of uncovering the remains of Belegost (and with a bit of scuba gear, Nogrost too Big Smile Smilie
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Cidan, I don't know a lot about archaeology, but I find it very fascinating. I would love to join you guys and help with the campsite, and keep things organized for you.

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