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Greetings Childern of Eru!!

This is my first ever post so please bear with me. Im looking to get a better poster of middle earth/arda than the one i already have. There seems to be an image that i keep coming across (both in greyscale and in colour) which seemed to be ok (example 1) then i came across another (example 2) which seems to be slight truer to the geography of arda (shape of Numenor, Aman etc) I guess im looking for any/all opinions on which would be a better representation to use, or, if there wiser beings out there that know of any better, (example 1) (example 2)

Thanks for reading

Hail Iminwe.

Welcome. A word of advise that we are not meant to place links on here.

Most maps found online are rather low res and dont hold much detail.

 The Atlas Of Middle Earth, By Karen Wynn Fostad is quiet amazing.  it shows all ages in maps and detail.

Look it up on Amazon.

Thanks Brego,

Ah i was unaware about posting links, thanks for the heads up.

Also thanks for the advice i shall look into the book you mentioned

Hi Iminye! My favorite map is that drawn by Pauline Baynes. Tolkien actually helped with it.

Of course I know you are looking for something with Numenor and Aman too, but anyway Smile Smilie

KWF's book is a good source in general. I don't agree with everything in it, including a detail about Tol Eressea actually, but generally it's recommended. Even KWF admits there are some points that Tolkien was unclear about.

Anyway, just my two cents.

Cheers for the input Galin, much appreciated


The Atlas Of Middle Earth, By Karen Wynn Fostad seems to be an ideal shelf addition to any/all Arda references so it'll probably end up on my shelf sometime soon.

The only issue i have come across when i've tried to look for larger sized images (poster size) is that many maps differ from each other in ways that you think would be quite, well, universal i guess. Im now aware about not posting links but in the examples i originally posted, things like the shape of Numenor/position of islands/location of Beleriand etc differ. I guess it would be nice to know what the consensus would be.

But i guess KWF's book should clear that up, perhaps i could use it to commission a cartographer to design me a poster size full map of Arda eh?? blush


I'll just add that the links never worked for me, so before I responded I didn't actually see the maps linked in the first post.

Both say (for me): '404 Not Found'

Ah interesting, same thing happens for me, however they work when i just copy and paste the URL into my browser

Thanks for the heads up on that Galin

The second one looks really nice, but there are other images on the web with even more detail.

The Atlas is also vey good.