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Thread: what is do you thing that is the coolest place on Midle-earth

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The coolest place on Middle-Earth is Mordor! Smile Smilie It’s a little bit like Iceland if you take away Mount Doom Jumping Flame Smilie
Lothlorien! It's soooo beautiful.
For certain the coolest known place on Middle-earth is Dor Daidelos (Region of Everlasting Cold).

However, I expect the movie's gentle-farmer hobbit , who enjoyed Gandalf's wee pre-arrival fireworks display for the children on the road to Bag end, would have been subjected to an even cooler climate, had he ever come home from the Ivy Bush Tavern, even fifteen minutes late. Brrrr! Talk about a cold shoulder now, Man that aint cool! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

duh! the elvenesse cha~cha hangout!

my real answer: Lindorinand.
my thoughts while writing my answer: *happiness in thoroughly confusing peeps* Wink Smilie

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I think it would be the mines of Moria because you could go in and kick *** all day. But with a few mates.

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Rivendell or Lothlorien. In Rivendell you could practically want to stay there forever, in Lothlorien it is very beautiful.

Alas, Doriath is no more!!!
I agree with you Tar-Aldarion. Iwas going to say a similer thing. Wink Smilie
Lothlorien is very beautiful and the same with Rivendell. Cool Smilie
I`d love to live in Rivendell! Big Smile Smilie
the coolest place on middle-earth is either dol amroth or
tol sirion in beleraind
I'd have to say Rivendell and the shire, at both you can relax and just enjoy the beauty of nature and the simple things in life as well as learning (Elrond's library)...but my more dwarven side would say Menegroth the thousand caves there, you could behold in part the bliss of Valinor through the visions of Melian Big Smile Smilie
The coolest place in Middle-Earth has to be Minas Tirith. And you know it. Cool Smilie
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Peredhil.
The coolest place in Middle-Earth has to be Minas Tirith. And you know it.
I didn't know that actually, but thanks for telling me Wink Smilie
It's all right Val, Peredhil wrong it was on fire for quite abit in the book, quitye hot if you think about it.
What about the Shire? You've got your pubs, your parties, your games... sounds like a happening place to me! And always some peace and quiet to be found when you want it. Fast Asleep Smilie
No one in love with the horsemen of Rohan? The most beautiful place must be The Golden Hall of Edoras!
Whole Middle Earth is a cool place Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

But for me the "coolest" would be Moria but the beautiest is Lothlorien and if I would live in ME I would live there, Moria is cool but I can’t really picture me living in a mine....(sorry dwarfs Wink Smilie )
My kind of place is the forest of Lorien...
I personally like Rivendell.

Yes Mommy is watching.

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Poor lad he can't escape!
Well Rivendell is nice too....
i personally ove the woods of Mirkwood and the misty mts
but i say where ever your'e from your welcome in mirkwood!!! ( being princess and all)
Princess Legata_GreenLeaf:

All I can say is that the last time I visited Mirkwood it was very dark and full of black flutterbys, black squirrels, and large spiders. With no inns or hostels, it was a very inhospitable place to visit. Even the court of Thranduil was so suspicious that it locked visitors away in its dark dank dungeon.

My previous visits to the area, when it was known as Greenwood the Great, were much more enjoyable.

Have you Elves returned the Wood to its former beauty, or are you a masquerading relation of Miss Shelob, trying to lure visitors into your parlour. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Isengard! Isengard rocks! 'Cause you've got a nice big tower to jump off and lots of luverly Uruk-Hai to torment.
*pokes random Uruk_Hai in the ear with a spork!*
Orc Smiling Smilie
I must agree with Dar on this subject....Khaz’d-Dum is the coolest place everBig Smile Smilie
And of course my halls but they are not located in M-ETongue Smilie
The coolest place in Middle-Earth is wherever Fingolfin happens to be.
Isengard, before its ruin. Or after Treebeard's restoration of it.

Perhaps Mordor? Ah, smothering Shadows, tongues of flame, choking dust. Black towers and dark creatures. It's so good to be bad. Very Evil Smilie Cool Smilie
Minas Tirith, and Osgiliath before it's fall, also of ancient Middle Earth, Gondolin was awesome
Well you asking for the coolest place so it would have to be Helms Deep!!!!! It'snot the prettiest, nor the most comfortable, and it isn't inviting. But for sure it's the coolest!!! Just the cool stone structures with it's many paths and stairways!!! And that is where some of the action took place!!! That was such an awesome part in LotR!!!!

Well now you know what I think the coolest place is, what I think the worst place would have to be Shelob's Lair!!! Super Scared Smilie With a humongo spider (HobbitHomie05 gives a very unpleasent shriek of fright at the name!!!) Dwelling there out to get anyone who enters!!!!!! Oh god I would die of fright before she even fully came out from a corner!!
I would have to say Bag end is the best place or in the battle of the pellenor. I like fighting!
I'll have the Old Forest any time. The place rules! Elk Grinning Smilie
But what of the Green Dragon? You can go and have a pint without being eaten by Old Man Willow or being killed by a Balrog.

Bet they have fish and chips there too!
Not having to worry about Balrogs is a big plus in my book. That is why I vote for Lothl’rien. Beautiful landscape, beautiful people, good drink, and most importantly, good food. Unless you are Gollum, that elven bread really hits the spot. And the conversation at elven feasts far surpasses any that I have been involved with in my life. (I might be a little partial, but some of my statements still hold true).
Well if they still existed i would say Gondolin or Menegroth, but now...Minas Tirith is nice. But i coudnt stay still. I would travel to Rivendel, Grey Havens, Lonley Mountain,Rohan, Harad, the North. Every where with all my best friends. Thats the life for me.
The coolest place... hehe... Haven't used that word in a long time Tongue Smilie
Anyhow, I'd have to say Valinor. You got the mountains, the meadows, the beach alltogether. Smile Smilie What more could one want? Big Smile Smilie
How about the wide, windy plains of Rohan? Just riding on the back of a good horse and full run, feeling the wind rushing through your hair.

I would also enjoy visiting Rivendell and Lorien...great food, music and conversation.
Well, I should say Helcaraxe, but then again... Seriously talking, I think Tirion was the greatest place, though that could well be applied to all of Aman!
I'd have to say the coolest place in Middle Earth is Mount Gundabad, where the Misty and Grey Mountains meet. If I had to live anywhere in Middle Earth though, I would probably live in Lothlorien Forest because of its mysteriousness and beauty.
I don't think I'd wanna live in Lorien or Rivendell. I won't stand all that beauty and all. I need something more too. You wouldn't be able to eat only sweets throughout your life, would you? You need a bit of everything. You need the hot, the sour and the bitterness as well. I would never be able to live as an Elf. I just wouldnt be able to stand it. I think I'd be best at Helm's Deep or Minas Tirith.
Hello? Are we forgetting the obvious best place in Middle-earth. THE GLITTERING CAVES!!! Come on, they must've been good, if Gimli, who knew a bit about Caves, went blahing on about him like he did, for at least three long paragraphs. And when Legolas came back from seeing them, even HE was amazed. And he doesn't like caves.
And when Legolas came back from seeing them, even HE was amazed. And he doesn't like caves.
The reason Legolas doesn't like caves is because for the first half of his life he had to stay cooped up in one, because he was mortally afraid of spiders and they were indigenous to the woods surrounding his home, or at least that is the truth as told to me by an impeachable source. Elk Grinning Smilie
I'd definatly say that I'd love to live in Numenor, if it still existed. It would just be so isolated on that island. It's be so neat to be able to see Elven Home on a sunny day. I'd try and go there but get smote by the Vala. Ouch, nothing like a god's rage being unleashed upon you.
I totally agree Numenor would be the best place to live. It would be awesome to meet some of the elves from Alqualonde comin over in one of there swan shipsCool Elf Smilie.
I think that Lothlorien or Rivendell would be sweet places to live, but I think that Rivendell is cooler, because it's like, the ultimate hang-out for tree-huggers, like my sister. So, then I change my mind, I like Lothlorien, because my sister is not there Wink Smilie

No, no, you've got it all wrong. Don't you see that Valinor, the Undying Lands, Elvenhome, eldamar, whatever you wnat to call it, is the best?
Don't you see that Valinor, the Undying Lands, Elvenhome, eldamar, whatever you wnat to call it, is the best?
Well Valinor may be a cool place to live in or visit because of all the Elves that now call it home; however, technically it is not located in Middle-earth and thusly falls outside the scope of this topic. Cat Smiling Smilie
Can anyone say "ouch"? Shocked Smilie
Sorry, if my wording was too brutal Loni, we all still love In Love Smilie you and don't want to squelch your input.
AAAW!!!!! I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!! *everyone reaches for their sick bags* Whaddya mean? Nothing harsh about it. But I"m sure no one would mind me going on about the Undying Lands. Middle-earth and Eldamar used to be like this *crosses her fingers* before the world was round. Saw a map, I did. They were real close together. but if it MUST be Middle-earth, then I say Lothlorien. I know some people would be put off by the film rendering of them, but if you just read 'Lothlorien' in TLOTR, everything is beautiful and serene, AND I WISH I LIVED IN MIDDLE-EARTH!!!!
Dol Amroth
Definitely Menegroth. Tolkien states (and this is from memort, i haven't got the book to hand):

"...Elves and Dwarves together, each with their own skills wrought out the visions of Melian... Menegroth became the fairest of all dwellings east of the sea".

It must have been an awesome place to be. On more than one occasion are we told of the splendour of Menegroth: Beren is almost over-awed, an elf-maiden of Doriath is said to be overwelmed too (Unfinished Tales, Narn i hin Hurin).
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