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I am scheduled to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this coming Thursday with an 85 year old friend and our Rector. They both are also into the Harry Potter saga. In preparation, I have been listening to the audio book at bedtime. I'll report back on what I thought of the movie Friday or Saturday, if not Thursday.

Has anyone else seen this movie that opened on 16 November here in the States?
I only saw the first movie of the series, and considering that was on Christmas 2004, i don't remember much of it, safe the sweets that taste like booger. Yum.
I've seen HP4. I think it was better than the first three movies, but it still cannot be denied that all the actors lack satisfactory acting skills.
I saw it Thursday afternoon, yesterday by my time. All in all I liked the movie and will buy the DVD.

Well being a 734 page book, they had to leave a few Hundred things out, things like the Quidditch World Cup's actual game with Ireland winning and Vicky catching the snitch, Percy's replacement of Mr. Crouch, Winky, Dobby, Lewd O. Bagman, the Veela, the Leprechaun gold, the kiss of death, Mr. Fudge's refusal to believe 'You know who' is back (I assume they will put that at the beginning of HP-5), and no mention about Hermione's pet beetle or horrible teeth or about Harry advancing Fred and George's joke shop aspirations.

They did catch the flavor of the book with the Triwizard Tournament, the Champions' Ball, Mad-Eye Moody, and the Resurrection. Although the actor playing Fleur certainly didn't have an ounce of Veela blood in her, for I didn't think she was the least bit attractive: maybe she didn't have her charm turned on when I was looking. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I thought Voldemort's graveyard scene was well done.

I knew they'd have to cut a lot of the storylines out of the movie, but I did think we might get to see a bit more of the World Cup Quiddich match. The movie leaves out a lot of the Crouch back-story, which makes it seem as if Azkaban has let yet another prisoner escape on the heels of Sirius Black (those dementors must be getting lax in their work...)
I didn't see the film at the cinema but I watched the dvd the other day. There were some good bits but my overall impression was that it was bland. The characters had no life, Hermoinie was as annoying as ever with her one way of shouting everything, Harry doesn't do anything, he just stand around and lets things happen and it is becoming irritating. As for the additional main characters - we were given nothing to like or dislike about them. Krum was just a look-like-a-thug, Fleur had no charm or charisma at all and Cedric was nice but flat and not at all a School Hero. Most of the film seemed like 'filler' until it got to the Graveyard scene. Even that could have been a lot better. I quite liked Mad-Eye and his eye. Dumbledore was *not* Dumbledore. We learnt nothing about any of them. Nothing that furthers my interest in them anyway.

Oh well, it was a couple of hours wasted in a mildly entertaining way.
I never liked H.P but the first one had something mildly enjoyable about it...and the others are not worth mentioning.