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I rented this movie a few months ago and the kids loved it, so I bought the two-disc edition for Christmas. It is a so funny! I wish one of the backstories was about the actors who did the voices. The only one they did was Violet's voice, who is a writer of history books. They did include a clip in the making of the movie that showed the director doing the voice of Edna Mott (sp). Edna has to be my favorite, with some of the best lines: "You, go play with the electric fence or something...Who's that? My God, you've gotten fat! Quick, come inside!"

So did anyone else enjoy this flick?
I’m pretty sure there’s already a thread for this movie’ but yes, The Incredibles is awesome. There are so many superhero jokes in it’
Yeah, I liked it. Found it witty and light hearted but still a cracker yarn, loved Edna Mole.
Actually trying to get buba to watch it as the endless repeats of toy story 1 and 2 are getting painful, but so far no luck, watched it for a few mins then drifted off to his room, oh well, luckily i love the toy story's.
I saw the trailer to this movie in the theatre and later bought the DVD and thought it a great movie.

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