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Does anyone know when it comes out on DVD ? Or has anyone seen it? (or the others )
I really like this genre and I specially like Ian Mckellens preformence in them .Love him Smile Smilie
I am waiting for x-men 3 too. I like super hero movies and sir Ian is wonderful. Smile Smilie
he is a really good actor, ill agree there Smile Smilie, i loved his display in the previous films but the thing is, in England, when you see it at the cinema, it doesnt come out for 5-6 months, not fair, but i cant wait for the third it has new characters vbut i wont say the names, i dont want to spoil it for them Elf With a Big Grin Smilie (coz i's nice like that)
I'm more looking forward to X-women 2 : the revenge of Turner.
Thumbs Down Smilie I heard on the radio today, many pans of X-Men 3 by the critics: the characters were hollow, the new director let it be more two dimensional compared to the old director of the two previous movies (maybe the new Superman movie will be better since the old director is making it); the script was poor, like all sequels and prequels.
I saw the midnight showing for #3 earlier today and I thought it was done well. It kept you guessing as to whether or not this was the last installment the entire movie, not to mention how it tore at my emotions. Very Sad Smilie
I give it Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie x2.

(just because I can...) Cyclops Smilie
I saw it last night, and it was pretty entertaining.
Very Sad SmilieI havent seen it , still waiting...
I've seen it and i don't like it that's all. Thumbs Down Smilie