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I just bougth this DVD , cant wait to see it , Im a sucker for romanceI Love You Smilie
I ve seen some of the trailer , and especially like Judi Dence and Donald Sutherlands part in itSmile Smilieand of course Keira Knightley
Aaaah Keira Knightley... *dreams away*

It is a good film, I love all the versions of Pride and Predjudice, even the old black and white ones from years ago - it is a classic......but......have you seen Bride and Predjudice?
Is that about a mixed race marriage?
I just watched the Pride and Prejudice DVD a few days ago. Although it has taken we a while to get used to Mr. Darcy not being Colin Firth, I must say that greatly enjoyed it. No wonder, really, I think its in my blood. My mother and grandmother are always racing to find the latest Jane Austen related books and such before the other one does.
I did see it last nigth with my oldest daugther , as I was watching it I told her "That cant be Mr Darcy , coz it isnt Colin Firth"Smile Smilie , until I realized that it was another versionSmile SmilieI thougth the film was goodSmile Smiliebut I also love all of the other films/series made by the book of Jane Austin
I thougth the film was goodbut I also love all of the other films/series made by the book of Jane Austin

Yup... "Sense & Sensibility", "Bed & Breakfast", "Tango & Cash"... they're all muy excellente.
Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley is indeed a sight to behold! But I think she looked a bit scrawny in the film, though she still kept that bit of grace about her. Jane was not as pretty as I imagined, but that was forgivable. And Mr. Wickham reminded me very much of a certain Elf with blond hair. The romance was pretty well-captured, but I didn't buy the DVD.
I liked this latest Pride and Prejudice, with a few exceptions:
-- Keira Knightly too pretty to be Elizabeth; (I love Keira Knightly though)
-- As mentioned previously, Jane not pretty enough (but she wasn't that attractive in the Colin Firth version either)
-- Mr. Darcy not Colin Firth (BUT this Mr. Darcy showed alot more of the inner turmoil, which I did like)
-- The American ending, which I hear is different than the British or European ending, is 100% CHEESY!!!!

Yes, Maydmarion, I saw Bride and Prejudice, but I didn't like it that much. It wasn't as fun as Bollywood movies usually are Sad Smilie.
-- The American ending, which I hear is different than the British or European ending, is 100% CHEESY!!!!

Is that the one where Elizabeth impales Mr Darcy with an American flag and marries a talking pie instead? Guess that happens when Homer Simpson does the script writing.
Actually, that ending might have been better...
Ah, another glorious moment in which I desperatly wish I had not been born in the land of reality TV and supersized cheeseburgers.

I really liked how Kiera Knightly portrayed Elizabeth Bennet as the young, spirited girl that she is supposed to be. Elizabeth in the Colin Firth version seems a bit mature to be in her early twenties. I love both Elizabeths though.

Is it just me, or does Mr. Bingley look like he could be a relative of the Weasleys from the Harry Potter movies? He just looks a bit goofy, and he does have red hair.
I've sported that thought too! Mr. Bingley is handsome enough, all right, butu he just looks sort of goofy, like one of those nerdy scientists (tall, thin, messy hair...). But he wasn't such an important character in the movie, so I didnt care that much.
I am a HUGE Jane Austen fan...I love to read her books...though you really do have to concentrate in beginning to get into the story...but once you're are hooked!

I LOVED Pride and Prejudice!!! Probably one of my favorite movies...I love a clean, funny romance!!!

What I loved about Mr. Darcy was when he first enters the movie, you think..."Yuck, what a snot...he's not even attractive!" the end of the movie...he's the most gorgeous and romantic man alive.

Well...maybe I'm just speaking for myself... Paranoid Smilie

But I love all the Jane Austen movies! Sense and Sensibility. Persuasion. Emma. And I'm sure there are others...

An Ideal Husband is another good Jane Austen-ish movie.

Can anyone recommend any other good Jane Austen tyoe books?

Have you read Jane Eyre ? I like that one as well...last night I saw Sense and Sensebility .Good romance Smile Smilie
"Une grande passion" is the privilege of people who have nothing to do.

- Oscar Wilde.

In your face, Mr Darcy!
In your face, Mr Darcy!

Vir ,I would like to see YOU play the role as Mr Darcy .. Proud and Ignorant but still lovable in the end Big Laugh Smilie
No, I need to.

Maybe next time I do a jaunt to Barnes and Noble!


Ah Vir as Mr. Darcy, I have never thought of that possibility whatsoever. I am not quite positive though. He might just throw away Miss Elizabeth Bennet and go off hunting with Uncle Gardener and his cousin Fitz and then where would we be when he came back from the hunt and realized now that he had had some really good excercise that he never did care about Elizabeth. It was only boredom and his rather itchy leggings that gave him the idea he needed something new to do.  And the arguing that would ensue. Both characters were fond of a good argument. Smile Smilie

I recommend Mansfield Park, Jane's most serious work. Her mother hated it, others praised it to the heavens. It is painful, agonizing, sometimes tedious, but really it is a masterpiece of writing in my opinion.


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This thread makes me rather sad...has everyone left PT before I joined?Sad Smilie

I enjoyed all movie versions of this novel as however they turn out it's my favorite Austen novel in flesh and blood.I find Miss Knightley incredible but found her totally mis-cast according to me.And Colin Firth is not hot but he acts too well.Darcy is my all time favorite classic hero(competing with Heathcliff) and I totally adore him and his relationship with Liz.

Mansfield Park,Leels,I read it long back,never had the desire to return to it.

Has anyone seen Becoming Jane?

In answer to your first question , many come and go; life happens dearest and we have to deal with it. But many return as soon as possible and then it is heaven. However , I cannot stress enough that you too can light up the message boards with your incredible postings. That is the wonder of this place, any one dedicated to Planet-Tolkien, what she stands for (be quiet Vir blush, and the lovely benefits and pleasure she offers to the world, can make it exactly what you mourn over. So, get those pretty little fingers ready and post girl, post!  Honestly, it does not take very long to become a 'fixture' that others read and then look forward to. So many captured my imagination from the first moment I entered this beautiful world. Grondy first, no question about it, but many many others too.

If you mean the movie that Anne Hathaway starred in as Jane Austen, no I did not see it. I think she is a perfectly lovely girl, but for some odd reason none of her acting seems the ticket to me, I always have the sense she is too aware of the camera. Well I cannot explain it, but something like that. So I have no interest whatsoever to see it, I am worried I should be very disappointed .