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It's called "Hvordan vi slipper af med de andre" or in English "How to get rid of the others". I think it's a new release but I'm not sure...
It's a political satire on the Danish society, which is leaning a bit to the right side (right as in the opposite of left). People who receive more from society (unemployed, handicapped people etc.) than they contribute are brought together and eliminated. But there is of course a bit more to the story.
It's a great comedy, and the humour is exquisite. I recommend it.
does it come with subtitles, Im less than fluent in danish
It comes with English subtitles.
I don't know if outside links are allowed, since I'm new and all. If it is prohibited just delete it or so
Here it goes... there's a more elabotared synopsis
How to get rid of the others

Is that the film about the Danish prime minister ?
There's something rotten in the state of Denmark.

Moderator Smilie Better not turn this in a political discussion, hmm? Moderator Smilie
Didn't, in the last century, somebody fight and win a war to keep the elimination of undesirables, among other things, from happening in the rest of the world? Maybe if you are not currently included in one of the undesirable categories, that might be funny; but rest assured, someday you will find they have moved the boundaries and you will then find your group has been ranked with the undesirables. Teacher Smilie

Okay, if the movie is satirical and pokes fun at that horrid practice, then it could be funny; I can see the Marx Brothers or Peter Sellers making this work.
Better not turn this in a political discussion, hmm?

I would not dare Vir Smile Smilie But I saw a trailer about the Prime minister , that's allSmile Smilie
Peter Sellers Grondy ? Who knew ? He did play different persons
Yes and no Mellon. Happy Elf Smilie Had he played in this hypothetical film he would have played multiple characters; however, as he has died and as it was never made other in my head, he couldn't be in it.