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Thread: Burned out on Spiderman 3 ads

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I'm so fed up seeing Spiderman 3 ads on TV and on a multiplicity of products, that I'm fed up with it and no longer give a ratsast if I ever even see the movie. Harrumph!!! Jumping Flame Smilie
Awwwww, poor poor Grondy. Here, please accept a hot rich cup of steaming chocolate, a plate of my best eclairs and tickets to your favorite concert coming up.
I don't watch teli, about seven years ago (oh this is SOOOOOOOO embarrassing) I gave up watching Judge Judy for lent and never went back to either it or cable or any teli. My family decided to do the same and except for our DVD's which we pick out monthly we don't view anything. So I don't go through that.
I am sorry that you have though. Sad Smilie