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for philip pullman fans there is a new film coming out based on northern lights, the subtle knife and the amber spyglass. The story is good after a matter of seconds i found myself inthralled in the book. The movie will star Daniel Craig and Nichole Kiddman
And includes a talking white bear too Smile Smilie

The trailer is interesting. I've never read the books but recently went to Pullman's website. Apparently he's no fan of Lewis for one thing, but that's just the tip of that iceberg it seems.
I've had my fair share of talking white bears when I went to see Knut.
Lorek Byrnison is an all right bear, as long as you can wean him from drink.

I haven't read the books, but have the unabridged productions on tape. I enjoyed The Golden Compass more so than the sequels The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass.
I have never read the books, either, but I saw the trailers and they look really cool. Strange, how I never thought Nicole Kidman would make a good fantasy actress... She actually looks like she's good for the movie.

And the white bear was cool, too. I think I'm watching the movie for sure!
did anyone see this movie? I saw some not-so-thrilling reviews of it, but then I don't always agree with the professional reviewers and I was interested in a 'lay' opinion.
I never got around to going to it; will probably wait for it to be on cable or for the DVD.