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I saw this movie on cable again last night and it is just as bad as the first time. Yes there are some funny bits as it spoofs 'Willy Wonka', the 'Chronicles of Narnia', 'The Pirates of the Caribbean', X-Men, and a few others with its gags and pratfalls; however, it is too juvenile and crude to atain the same height as 'Spaceballs' and the first 'Casino Royale'. Save your money.
I've seen it once and I wasn't that impressed either, it seemed that the writers thought of the first thing that came to their heads and put it in the final script... The part which I found 'alright' was the yellow suduko in the snow... Britain's favourite pen 'n' paper puzzle Orc Smiling Smilie

Other than that, it seemed too simple for me

Save your money Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie I wouldn't buy it

I saw this movie .It was the best movie of the year.




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