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How about this one?

If you like Indianna Jones, you'll like this one. It was fun to see. Makes me want to go back and watch the first and the third ones over again.
You don't like the second one?
I havn't seen the fourth intallment, but I would really love to... and soon. I loved the previous three, I'd watch them over and over again growing up... The comedy is great... I can't wait for this one Orc Smiling Smilie
I liked the first and third over the second as it had too much slapstick humor, in my humble opinion.

I must wait two or three weeks to see the fourth, for my movie going with friend left today on a two-week tour of some of the southwestern US natioal parks with his daughter.
Virumor posted Tuesday 27th May 2008 (12:22pm)
Well looks like Mr Lucas finally gave the Germans a break and replaced everyone's favourite villains quite unexpectedly by... *drumroll* the Russians!!

Amari’ posted Tuesday 27th May 2008 (08:28pm)
Ha Ha Ha Smilie How delightfully original and fresh!
I have bad memories of the second one from my childhood. Something about gross bugs and eyeball soup and hearts being mysteriously scooped out of people's chests just didn't go over very well when I was at the tender age of 7 or 8 years old.... I don't even know what the plot is (though I assume it's similar to the others).

I will, therefore, take the whole quartet as a trilogy that hit a bump on the second movie and had to try again, being spectacularly successful with the third one (which for my purposes is the second one) and - we shall see what happens to the fourth (for me, I'll call it the third!)

The russians really missed it, going after the alien skull thing when the ark of the covenant was sitting right there....
Still have yet to see this one too. I never have anyone willing to go to theaters with me. I agree that the second IJ was pretty bad. Yes, too much gross stuff and, while I liked the little boy character, the goofy lady was just not worthy of Indiana Jones..