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OKay I know this isn't really a new release but I've just watched it today and I think it's pretty good. Elijah Wood looks like he's sixteen and whines like a wimp, but he's still cute in his own way, I guess. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet are AMAZING and the whole story was just so close and comforting. Every scene was such a normal household scene, and it's all shot in a way that's really unpretentious. Loved it and will watch it again and again...
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) sounds like a good "chick flick," if that is your cup of tea. Happy Elf Smilie
I'd rather watch, for the umpteenth time, Blade Runner: the Director's Cut.

Still, give this "chick flick" a try; you'll probably like it.

I was coerced into watching Eternal Sunshine and honestly, I was traumatized. I could not bear it and even now to think of it makes me shudder.

And as for Blade Runner which I twice, it gave me such a desolate hopeless feeling, no happy ever after, it was too much for me. Still I would rather watch that again if I must rather than Eternal. noway Jose. nope. never. Sad Smilie
At least the title sounds happy.
Eternal's not a chick flicK, Grondy!
There were only like two chicks in it!
But whatever you classify it... I loved it.
hey grondy is ur first name michel? just asking...

eternal is not the chick flick THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP is not a docu but i think is the quirky quasi quack quack chick flick
hey grondy is ur first name michel? just asking...
Nope, but I think my dad had a step brother with that first name. They were both born over 100 years ago. Wow! Thinking of that makes me think I'm starting to get old. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Cloveress, I tip my hat, that is when I am wearing one, to you. You are one brave little girl.
I mean that.

Oh what is a hundred years or so between friends Grondy dear, you are still a child.You didn't hear lord Aragon go about saying to his beloved, 'you certainly are breathtakingly beautiful my dear, but I can't really get around the age thing. I mean you are old, no not old, crustacean aged.
He never thought about it I expect.You are a babe compared to her Grondy dear. Smile Smilie