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Has anyone seen it yet?
I am scheduled to see this new movie Tuesday.
We went out for lunch and then went to the movie: it was great: I left the theatre feeling good about it.
Good! I like the first Hell Boy, I'll be looking forward to seeing this one. Smile Smilie
Same here. This second installment should be on HBO anytime now and I'm looking forward to it.
ya ive seen it its crazy, i just love the world in ikt, wevrything is aso cool!
Really loved this one. Even more than HB 1. Especially all the imagery and bizzare creatures. My favourite was the angel with the eyes on its wings. Great stuff! Whoever dreamed that up is a literary genius.

Presumably there is to be a HB 3? Should be great.
I think it was better than HB1. Still does anyone know what language is used like "elven-tongue"?

The Royal family of the Eldar looked somehow "albino"... And the scares, it was not exactly my idea for Elven face (perhaps I look too much for Tolkien-type of elves). After that they were not "fair" and also not very tall.

The script, cast, animation and play: GREAT.
I personally liked the elves Smile Smilie
especially the way the prince used his spear Smile Smilie
Imagine many such warriors in the great battles of the first age Big Smile Smilie
Saw it (via Netflix again) and I liked it a lot but still liked the first installment better.
this movie aint worth watchin.... i really regreted watchin this movie... i'd have rather watch the first part of this movie one more time....

I didn't watch this movie .please send me link for the movie to watch