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I saw 007: Quantum of Solace this afternoon and felt it was a good one; its plot felt more like those in Ian Flemings original books rather than Hollywood's later imaginations. Q wasn't around to replace Bonds PPK with a 50 caliber Desert Eagle, so he used the old standby through out and was always under-gunned. Dame Judi Dench's M was still believable.
Has anyone else viewed this new movie?
no i don't think i have heard even.....
Yeah I saw it. I agree with your view on how it resembles Fleming's original plots. I thought it was a good movie, but I'm not sure if I like it more than Casino Royale.
I saw Casino Royale but havn't seen this one yet... James Bond feels more action-packed now, it's alot better than some of the classics *prepares to have paint dumped over head*... Really quite amazing stunts compared to even the Pierce Brosnan ones... I'll probably post here when I see the sequal of the Daniel Craigs's James Bond Orc Smiling Smilie
Haven't seen it yet but liked Casino Royale a lot so I probably will eventually.
You are no longer o' the green Sian? Shocked Smilie
Sian is short and sweet at the same time though Orc Smiling Smilie
Sounds like it's good! i thinkk i check it out!
We saw it on new years eve. Smile Smilie And Casino Royale some days earlier. I prefer the new Bond to the classics too, I never was too fond of them. James Bond: The Next Generation.

Did anyone notice how fond the movie makes were of sending Bond through glass?
Did anyone notice how fond the movie makes were of sending Bond through glass?
The movie producers probably get a kick-back from the manufactures of all that crystallized sugar the movies use for plate-glass that doesn't cut when yon hero crashes through it when escaping from those dastardly villains. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Just saw an earlier James Bond on broadcast tv the other day (Octopussy); my how stunts have changed! I thought Q of Solace was pretty good but I just have to put my $0.02 in that no one beats Sean Connery as Bond...
I did finally see this via Netflix and I liked it but not as much as Casino Royale. I very much like Dame Judith as M but then I'm a Dench fan whatever she does.

Hi Loss! Yes, I dropped the 'green' part. It was getting tiresome to type it in and I'm having soreness in my fingers so have to take a few shortcuts. Thanks for asking Smile Smilie

I do not heard about  this topic.