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I saw this on cable last night, but missed the first part, for I caught it while channel surfing, not even knowing it had been made in 2008 as a two part made for TV effort in Merry Old England. What I saw was interrupted by many commercials, but it was wonderful with David Jason (DI Frost) as Rincewind, Sean Astin (Sam) as Twoflower, Christopher Lee (Saruman) as the voice of DEATH. It combines Terry Pratchett's The Color of Magic and its sequel, The Light Fantastic into one made for TV movie.
Did anyone else happen to see The Colour of Magic TV movie and like it? I would like to get the DVD, but can not yet find it on the American market.
i watched it's trailer.i don't like the animations in it. here is the URL

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I have found the movie. Not exactly my typo of magic movie but good effects and quite exciting script.
i am sorry,Amari’