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thought I might find some Star Trek fans amongst Tolkien-ites? Regardless, I saw the new Trek film last friday and thought they did well, and was worth seeing even if you're not a star trek fan.
Haven't seen it yet, but I really want to!
I saw all the originals when they first came to TV some forty years ago. Not sure if I want to watch the prequel; maybe I'll wait for it to get on TV.
I thought it was fun to watch. They did a pretty good job making characters "match up" with the characters you know from the films and the tv series.

There was only one character tweak (Uhura) about which I thought "hm, I don't remember that."
im not a real trekkie... much more into stargate :P
I liked this film Smile Smilie
I remember the original Uhura was svelte, dark complected, and always wore a "Bluefang" in her ear.
This Uhura is all of those, (except the earpiece is perhaps a little smaller and more modern looking... ). I just don't remember her having a romantic relationship with any of the main characters in the 'original'. (Did she?)
I seem to remember that she kissed Kirk in one episode but my memory isn't always reliable. I'm hoping to see this but probably won't get to the big screen.

I don't think the episode where she and Kirk kissed was a romantic encounter; it was part of some alien entertainment (?) that they were forced to enact because the environment on some planet allowed the inhabitants to have telekinesis. (Oh dear, has my inner Trekkie gotten loose?)
BTW, I got the dvd as a present and I still think it's well worth watching... more than once.
I seem to remember that she kissed Kirk in one episode but my memory isn't always reliable.

Does a Star Trek episode exist in which Kirk did not kiss a woman?
I don't know the circumstances in the program but I do know that that kiss was the first interracial kiss to be shown on American Television, it created quite a stir by all accounts and must have taken some courage. That's unbelievable by today's standards yeah?
Probably not!Orc Grinning Smilie
I personally loved the movie, and especially enjoyed seeing the similarities between the old actors and the new, Bones especially.
Yes - Bones was very good. I also thought Scotty was well done.

I saw  star trek all the movie and also tv show. i love it