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Has anyone seen this?
First time I've been to a movie theater in years(watch the DVD's mostly).
Was quite impressed by it - good story too, somewhat Tolkienesque.
if you're going I'd recommend watching it in 3D/Imax, the special effects are quite spectacular.
I haven't seen it yet but I've heard on Facebook and another list I belong too that everyone who has seen it liked it a lot.
The film hasn't been released here yet but I like the trailers I've seen.
i've seen it. It was alright Big Smile Smilie
It was pretty good, but I wont see it again, in theaters... might buy it on DVD, but I would recommend it to most people
Gimli_man and Arath!!!! Nice to see you back guys! Hope you are doing well and maybe you'll pop in more often Orc Grinning Smilie
I havn't seen it but and was proud to hear it was Weta workshops who did the CGI, Richard Tailor's bigger than PJ these days.
Prolly wait for the DVD to watch it.
The 3-D version was spectacular, in terms of making you enter the world they created and believe in it. I mean - you don't think of it as animated after you start watching it. It has "realistic" touches everywhere. And the world (Pandora) is depicted very beautifully.

There is nothing new under the Sun - (even when it's the Sun of a different planet) - by which I mean the plot is predictable in places - but not so much so that you don't enjoy it.

I would definitely recommend it, on the big screen and in 3-D if you can.
Good CGI, derivative story, like your average Hollywood blockbuster.
Seems to be a common trait today mate, all fancy CGI and fx and no story
I wouldn't say "no story".

Rather, it's a story you've heard before in a different guise.
Exactly! I had a deja vu while watching it Big Smile Smilie!
pocahontas all over Big Smile Smilie
The 3D version was awesome. I saw it with my brother and parents and they all loved it. The plot is sort of predictable but it makes up for that by having great special effects and an interesting perspective (using avatar's and such.) I enjoyed it a lot.
I watched it on DVD non-3D and liked it.
I'm debating on just buying the DVD. I usually see something at least once before I decide I want to own and watch multiple times..hmmm... Is it that good?
I saw it in 3D at the theatre and loved it! I know the story line is very Pocohantas, but it is a story that should be told over and over again. Maybe someday, the powers that be will get the message.
I plan to buy the DVD but experience has taught me that if you wait a year after the release you can buy it for less than 1/2 price. Smile Smilie
It is only ’8 though, Rednell. They will not sell one of the most successful films in a while for ’4 Shocked Smilie
Here the last Harry Potter went from $30 to $14 in less than 9 months.
Watched it today and was pleasantly surprised, the FX where spectacular, and although it's a well worn storyline it was a refreshing tilt to it.
The movie costs $28 here, Eruheran. I wonder why it is so much less expensive in UK? It will be down to $10 to $12 by next year. Wink Smilie
We're ignoring exchange rates here. As of the time of posting:

1 British pound = 1.49 U.S. dollars,
1 British pound = 2.10 N.Z. dollars.

That probably accounts for the change in price, though it still does seem to be a bit cheaper in the UK.

I have seen this movie . excellent movie to watch.

I admit I enjoyed this film a lot. It's absolutely spectacular.
It's a pity the script was so... typical.
I mean, the film offers a lot of visual and audio effects, but the story don't show us more that what we could have seen in "Mononoke princess" or "Dances with wolves" (and not treated at that level), with a lot of elements from other sourcers like "Dune".
Besides, for me, the main character is, with the script, the worst thing in the movie. It's very bad built up and his evolution comes very suddenly. In the first half of the movie he is a dreamer cripple guy who enjoys entering in Avatar, running, flying, seeing beautiful aliens... and then tells everything to the General. But, after the half of the movie, he becomes suddenly high conscious and he starts kicking asses.
The last battle seems also very long for me.