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Has anyone else seen this? I at first hearing about it was expecting a emotionally boring movie since I thought only fear and hope would be processed but it was spectacular! I suggest you watch this movie!
I don't think I've even heard of it; who is in it and what's it about?
It stars Viggo Mortensen, and for his role in this, he should be awarded something. He was brilliant. The entire film is emotionally charged throughout, and most scenes have just Viggo and his son. It seems all the more worse with the nature of the world it's set in too. I would suggest most to watch it but be prepared to have your eyes leak!! Orc Sad Smilie
Bah, I stuffed those leaky faucets long ago. Now they are rusted over and clogged.

I was planning on seeing it when it came to theaters, but it never came to our local one. Then, it just got lost in the endless sea of other movies, until now.
I think I saw trailers for it and it did look good! It will be on my 'to see' list. I really think Viggo is a fine actor; he was really excellent in Appaloosa and Eastern Promises too.
and what's that movie about?
Loved Hidalgo, hated Eastern promises, within the first few minutes there was graphic violence, I preferred the good ole days where they panned away and left it up to your imagination.
this movie is da best... diff than any disaster movies.... brings out the human nature how much a father will push to keep his son alive... jus da best... ya its a little emotional though...

This movie has the perfect combination of drama and adventure. I love this movie and always ready to watch movies. 

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Yep... definitely spam.

Never heard of it, never. What exactly is the synopsis, can someone tell me please.

I truly loved Hidalgo.

It's an end of the world flick, but instead of following some tough guy who unites the lands and makes everything okay it's about a father and son just trying to survive.

If you liked the movie, READ THE BOOK. It's amazing, and even the grammar and punctuation are used as creative elements.