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Guess what, they're finally making SK's Dark Tower into a 3 part movie. The bad news is Ron Howard is going to direct it, the good news is Viggo Mortenson may play the part of Roland. You and I have discussed it in the's prolly going to be harder to adapt than LOTRs. Personally I don't think Mr Howard is up to it, but that's just my opinion.

I would prefer to see The Talisman or Black House on film. They're much more suited to it than DT.

I read rumours a year ago that King & Straub would start writing a new Jack Sawyer book, not sure if anything is ever going to come from that.

yeah, I'm not a big fan of the Jack Sawyer stuff but it would be much easier the translate than DT.

I used to own the taped book series of DT, read by Frank Muller and it's going to take some spectacular acting by Viggo or Javier to match that incredible voice.

It's going to be difficult to translate many parts of the series without it just coming off weird or creepy, the Shardik/Blane parts in particular. By all accounts theres going to be a movie, then a TV series, then another movie, another TV series followed by a last movie. the TV series will fill in the back story, my guess would be Wizard and glass, so they'll need a younger Roland, not really sure who could pull that off, ......