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What do you think about this movie? I've watched it a few weeks ago and it fascinated me.
It's a great psychic trip from the deepest darkness to the brightest light. I love its pace, always in crescendo, with that marvelous ending... And Natalie is delightful in every way.
I think the film deserved the Oscar by far. But, well, the Oscars don't mean so much to me, especially in the last years.
I absolutely recommend Black swan.

Yes Natalie is a fine actress. Having been a dancer myself until injured I can relate to the hardness and the discipline. In real life Natalie said often she felt like she was actually dying during the making. I don't know what I feel about asking actors to lose too much weight and do other things that can ruin their bodies and perhaps their minds for life though. Even in LOTR in the extended version when Viggo tells about how he came so close to drowning in one scene, I felt that was reprehensible to put an actor in any situation that could bring such a tragedy. After all it is only play acting,make believe. it is not the saving of the world or anything that momentous at all .But yes I agree for the most part about Black Swan

I haven't seen it yet,thanks to the exams.Will catch it sometime next week.I'm really excited about it.