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I saw it today after much confusion.Some of my friends hated it,some didn't.I was blown away.It's a must watch for all X-Men fans though it doesn't deal with the Cyclops-Jean Grey generation.Everyone must's one of the best of this year and I can't wait for a sequel.

And James McAvoy doesn't disappoint as alwaysSmile Smilie

Ah Odette, I have missed you little one.

I am not the slightest bit an X-Man fan, but one of my family is, so I wll pass it on to him. As for James McEvoy, I do think he is a good actor, very emotional in his characters. Perhaps I will view a trailor or two so I can at least talk about the subject matter with a modicum of intelligence. Come and give us something on the Poetry thread dear.

It's not all fantasy in this movie.It deals with a lot of human issues..where should revenge stop and how we should perceive ourselves.It's a very thoughtful movie and the fact that my most favorite comics/cartoons/action heroes are in it makes it even more amazing for me.

Leelee,I really want you to see this movie.You will LOVE it,take my word.