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Anything Harry Potter,I'm there.Though the movies are incredibly pathetic compared to the books,I haven't missed any(though haven't seen any more than once either). So just saw the Deathly Hallows.Kind of loved it except some melodramatic bits.I teared up a bit in the end and it was super to see HP again,no matter what.

So can come talk here about your HP experiencesSmile Smilie

Oh...thanks so much, Odette,,,,Ys, I thought it was really exciting; but...just a few niggles...they seem to miss some great emotional beats....oh. I had better do a SPOILER warning case any one hasn't read the books or seen the films...DONT READ ANY FURTHER.....

Resumed on next post....

Ok...resuming my could they NOT show the death of Fred...??..he was a major character throughout...and also, Remus & Tonks.....surely they deserved to be honoured by seeing their final heroic fight...??

But I wondered; did the director film these scenes & the studio cut them out...??

Maybe we will see an "extended cut" on the DVD.....??

Apart from tiny nit-picking; very good though.....a fitting send off...what did everybody else think ?.....

I felt that the battle scenes in Hogwarts, though obviously amazing graphically, weren't that well filmed. In the siege of Minas Tirith in PJ's movies for example, you could really understand the tide of the battle and what was going on. This seemed quite disjointed, and indeed the entire movie was like a series of events from the book that weren't quite connected together. Favourite part: When Harry looks into the Pensieve and sees Snape's life and relationship with Lily. Some brilliant acting there, especially from Alan Rickman. On the whole, I'd give this film a 5/10 - it isn't dismal, but it is very overrated. But then again, I could say that for the whole derivative work of J.K Rowling. Let's not go into that here though. Big Smile Smilie