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The highly anticpated release of Tin Tin , the Unicorn is being looked to in this household with impatience and excitement. The trailer is great and there is a separate trailer highlighting the child hood of Herge and his awesome drawings. We have watched the series and loved every character , the color and presentation and the fact that most of the animated cartoons were quite faithful to the original stories. I can scarce wait.

I share your enthusiasm Smile Smilie I actually really liked how the trailer looked too! The animation looked so admirably like the comics that i couldn't help but smile when watching it ^^

I grew up reading Tin Tin every sunday when my dad used to bring me some candy and a Tin Tin comic book from his stash Big Smile Smilie

Oh Arath, how wonderful, simply perfect to see your dear avy and hear your voice again in the halls of Middle-Earth.

We so love the character of TinTin, so matter of fact, courageous to a fault and the best friend anyone could ever have. He had the most wonderful effect upon the dear Captain. Each and every character is fleshed out so well and is simply wonderful. The illustrations fabulous and the pace fast and satisfying. I can't remember when I started watching Tin Tin but I fell comletely in love with the stories. Herge was a master , make no mistake as Sam would say. I will be thinking of you when we go to see the movie.

It's just released in India and what with the promos and the pre appetite-whetting by Peter Jackson on facebook, none of us can wait.But nobody my age wants to goSad SmilieSo I guess I'll just buy it when the DVD gets out.And go and watch Breaking Dawn*groan*

Incidentally The Secret of the Unicorn happens to be my first Tintin book ever.Gifted by my uncle at age 9,it's now in lovable tatters.I have around 20 of them I guess.Love the Thompsons.My favorite is the Tibet story.AwesomeSmile Smilie

For the first time ever I find myself truly understanding Vir's attitude regarding the changes PJ made to LOTRs. This rare opening of the mind occurred last night when I watched the new Tintin movie directed by Speilberg and produced by PJ.

Don't get me wrong, it was OK, the graphics where as astounding as you might expect coming from Weta studios, And if you were uninitiated in the world of Tintin then it would strike you as fantastic, which over all it is.

But where I really have trouble is (1) the many many many unnecessary changes(including the way they mashed unicorn and black gold together) and (2) my biggest problem is how they almost take the p**s(make fun of) the whole thing. When I saw Haddock actually burp into the seaplane's fuel tank I considered walking off in a huff to drown my sorrows in whiskey myself.

The adventures of Tintin has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and this brilliant/terrible adaption has almost made me lose the battle I have been having with modern film for years now. Story is no longer a necessary ingredient in movies these days, just add flashy and very unrealistic FX and  you have yourself a blockbuster. I've struggled with this lately as I'm a film fan but to do this to Tintin is the last straw!!!!!!!!!

The other thing I'm a bit confused about is why are they not completing the story? The unicorn is only  one half and Red Rackham's treasure is the second half, and the better half too.

Yes Rho and everyone. It can be terrible to view someone else's visualisation of stories you've loved for years. I saw Tin Tin, with no great knowledge of the written material. I was impressed by the animation and the story, however my friends all had a similar reaction to you as they are fans of the original. On such a topic. It's rare that I eagerly await a remake of a classic. One beloved story which I've heard is being made in film is The Wizard Of Oz series which (I could be wrong) have never been attempted in a faithful representation in film. I guess I'll soon find out if it can be done without too many changes. I just love the rather gothic and strange original tales.