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has anyone of you seen the third man?? I think it's brillant, I love it. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie it was shot in the fifties if I remember correctly and the story takes place in vienna. I think it's a really cool movie, I like old movies in general...
so, does anyone know it?
Has it been made on VHS or DVD? Would like to see it. Sounds interesting.
Is that the film with Harry Lime?
yeah, exactly, harry lime. that's the third man.
I think it's available on vhs and dvd, take a look at amazon, I guess you can get it there. I can really recommend it to anyone, I think it's a great film.
Yeah it was made in 1949 and starred Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles, it took place in Vienna. The story was written by Graham Greene and he based Harry Lime on double agent Kim Philby; though in the story Harry is a black market crook. The 50th aniversery edition is out on DVD but is rather pricey.

The movie's 'Third Man Theme' tune was played on a zither if I remember rightly, and was a real catchy earworm: "Da-da-dah de-dah-de-dah, Dah-de-dah de-dah-de-dah" over and over and over ad-infit-nauseum. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

true, it was a zither, and the melody is most famous. I like it very much and if you watch the movie you'll certainly hum it for days and days afterwards.
there's also this famous scene playing in the canalisation of vienna towards the end of the movie. you can even make a tour through vienna's canalisation on the third man's tracks. a friend of mine did that and she liked it very much. I'll try that one day, too, and if anyone of you visit vienna one day, do it! it's certainly most exciting.
I think it is really odd that I logged on and saw this this thread. I just read a book that referenced
the story the Third Man several times. I had never heard of it before and was going to check it out the next time i got on line. Guess what this was the next time I that have gotten on line and I had forgotten about it. Thanks for the info. That will be really be useful. i hope it is a good read. Not sure that I could sit still for a movie lately.