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I absolutely love Indiana Jones, and think that the movies were very well done. I always seem to learn from them, and they really opened my eyes to the world of archaeology. I am actually planning on going to university for anthropology/archaeology in a year or two. I think Steven Spielberg did a wonderful job depicting the tough/smart guy Lucas wrote about. I love the details that went into the movies, especially on such a small budget, and I was over-ecstatic when they came out on DVD with the Special Features disc.

I also think Harrison Ford did a gorgeous job playing Indy, and I hope I never get bored of watching them! Smile Smilie well...those are my thoughts, hope someone else out there shares them as well! Wink Smilie ta!
I too love the Indiana Jones series, especially Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade...I thought Sean Connery was the perfect father figure for Indy. I bought the box set with the special features disc, and I've watched them all about a hundred times. They are clever, action filled, with just the perfect amount of comic relief. When picking a favorite movie....that one is definately on the top of my list. Wink Smilie
it is realy a great movie (the last Crusade).
I grew up whatching Indy and I have absolutely no bad thing to say about it
I think Spielberg should've given the Germans a bit of a break in those movies. In the first one, they wanted to get the Ark of the Covenant, but it completely backfired. In the third one, they wanted to get hold of the Holy Grail, but it backfired again.

Not to mention, later on they lost a war.

Really unlucky, those fellas.
The dog's name was Indiana..
Your named after a dog?!
or something like that...

I just love that line!

No, he was named after a state, actually. Obviously, the Germans didn't know any of this.
The Last Crusade is one of the best movies of all time. The soundtrack is great, Harrison is great, Sean is great. They just don't make adventure movies like that anymore.

How about these lines...
I hate rats...
The tomb is somewhere in the library, you said yourself it used to be a church......
No ticket...

I could go on and on, you know what I mean. It's simply great Smile Smilie
dear Miruvor actually not the name of indy is jr. otherwse is the same name of his father the name of the dog is indiana nad he take it
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