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I just love this movie, one of Mel Brook's greatest by my opinion. My friend likes to introduce things like she's an announcer on a talk show and a few days ago, we were gonna watch a movie. She put the movie turned off the lights and grabbed a flashlight holding it up like the typical 'scary' face. She moved right up in front of me and said, real quiet and solemn-like:

Let's talk about balls....

Then she backed up, turned the lights back on and screamed:


I choked on my popcorn I was laughing so hard....

So who wants to talk about this movie, and mustn't forget Dark Helmet.....

May the Schwartz be with you.
Your schwartz is as long mine...but how do you use it???

Sounds funny! I HAVE to see it! Big Smile Smilie
*nods excitedly* Yes, you do! You must!

ive seen it it's hilarious, 'im surrounded by a*s*o*e*!!!!!' so so so funny you have to see