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I may be going out on a limb, but I liked the movie Krull. Does anyone know the movie I'm talking about? It had some good British actors that have since been seen in other things, some good acting--and some not so good. The effects were good for that time, I think.

But I liked most the kinds of characters that were brought together and the storyline. This is another movie like The Princess Bride that is constantly quoted by my kids. "I am Ergo the Magnificent..." "Just for that, I think I'll change you into a bat..."

The story of a man and woman of ancient lineage, with power over fire, whose offspring would one day rule the galaxy was intriguing--a blend of fairytale and scifi.

Does anyone else have fond memories of this flick?
I quite liked some aspects of it, like the teleporting Dark Tower, but I found some of the characters a bit lame. A little too fairy-story for me. I prefer something with more grit.
The film is ok not amazing but a good film, i watched it when i was little and i always got freaked when the spider came and tried to kill the old guy! i love the tiger changing bit with the amatuer sorceror. good and classic fantasy
My wife never liked how the slayers' brains crawl into the earth when they are killed. But I thought it was rather clever to combine swords and "ray guns." The glaive was fantastic.

Here's a trivia question: What big-name actor was in this movie?
Here's a trivia question: What big-name actor was in this movie?

Lee Marvin?

EDIT : i might have seen this movie actually, some years ago.

Does it feature a cyclope being crushed between two walls? That's the only thing i can remember.
Yes, Rel the Cyclops decides to not "die peacefully accepting his fate," but rather to help his friends get into the Black Fortress. He holds open the door for them and is eventually crushed.

Give up on the big-name actor? It was Liam Neison (sp?). He played Kiergan, one of the outlaws in the gang that Torquil led. He died in the Black Fortress not long after they got inside from a slayer's bolt.
You could also include Bernard Bresslaw (from the Carry on films) who played the Cyclops and ex-Eastender/Grange Hill star Todd Carty.
Sorry, I wasn't quite as familiar with the British actors as I would like to have been. I did notice that the actor who played Ynir was also in Dune. And isn't the actor who played Torquil now on TV?