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Maybe others will remember this little flick more easily than Krull. Who could forget Willow and his friend Meegosh who set off with a human baby, Elora Danaan, and meet Mad Mardigan? Who could forget the brownies Rool and Frangine (one of whom falls into a beer)? Who could forget Val Kilmer's debut as a woman?

This movie had some big names, and some who later became big. Billy Barty played the old Nelwin wizard. Val Kilmer went on to do other things like Batman. And of course Willow himself--Who was it?--went on to glory in Star Wars.

So who liked Willow?
Willow! Oh, my gosh, I love that movie. My dad can’t watch it any more because any time he and my mom went to a movie or something, us kids would watch it, and it would be at about the same scene when they got home- when all the fighters are being turned into pigs. The scene in Fellowship of the Ring (the movie) where Gandalf and Saruman are fighting always reminded me very much of the fight between Rasel (or however you spell that) and Bavmorda near the end. And Elwyns are really quite a lot like hobbits. Plus, I believe that the actor who played Willow (I don’t know his name either) was also Reepacheep and I think Glimfeather in the TV Chronicles of Narnia’ Anyway, this movie is definitely an enjoyable (and hilarious) adventure. ’That way!’ Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Willow is my favourite fantasy film, together with the Neverending Story and to a lesser extent, Legend.
You people have great taste in movies. Willow is one of my all time favorites, along with The Neverending Story (book is a favorite of mine too). Big Smile Smilie
There has been so much credit given to Weta for the special effects in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Ring films but a lot of the credit should go to the people who worked on Willow. A lot of the special effects, such as morphing and the massive software, were developed for that film. Weta may have refined things a bit, but without Willow, we may not have had The Lord of the Rings trilogy on the big screen.
Yep, love all three of these movies, and especially Willow. I really wanted to be Sorsha.

Hey, my name is in Neverending Story! "Say my name!!!"
Hey, my name is in Neverending Story! "Say my name!!!"

Are you the Childlike Empress?
Well, not exactly anymore, the Childlike Empress is all grown up now. I
So, have you been harassed by Rasputin and his evil albino bat lately?
As I recall, the Childlike Empress' name was Moonflower (or was it Moonchild?). But if I had known there was an interest in The Neverending Story, I would have started a thread for just that! It is my wife's all-time favorite, and she introduced me to Bastion and friends about 18 years ago.

But, getting back to Willow... Nell, I never knew all that about Weta and the special effects in Willow. That is quite interesting! I don't know if any special effects will ever equal the sight of Val Kilmer in drag!

And I loved that fight between Fin Rozell and Bavmorda. It used to creep out my kids to see the brazier chasing Willow and trying to chomp him. But let's not forget Mad Mardigans' fight with the Eberisk and later with Kael. Great swordsmanship!
I seem to remember that Bavmorda's daughter was also involved into that final sorcery duel, no? Bavmorda tried to spike her daughter, if i'm not mistaken.

I also found the influence of the love-powder on Mad Martigan quite hilarious. I should watch it again some time. Good stuff.

EDIT : and didn't Martigan jump on top of a big beast's head and stuck his sword into its brains? Hah, so much for Legolamb's originality in downing a cavetroll. Pah.
That would have been lack of originality in PJ's directing, but you're right. And yes, Bavmorda's daughter, who by that time was on Willow's side, tried to rescue the babe--she defeated the warrior priests. But then she had to be rescued by Rozell. That's when all the fireworks started!
As I recall, the Childlike Empress' name was Moonflower (or was it Moonchild?).

Not exactly. Phew! Thank God neither of those are my name. Mir is more on target with his Rasputin reference. Any suggestions for getting rid of the pesky bat? My father was a history buff and a romantic, so I ended up with the name, pity I didn't end up with the crown jewels as well.

Oh, and Bavmorda's daughter's name is Sorsha! I wanted to be her!
Willow and Neverending Story I were both excellent movies; I also liked Dark Crystal both its story and its special effects. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
I loved The Dark Crystal. "Looks like Gelfing, smells like Gelfing...maybe you are Gelfing!" It was so creepy when the Skekses would suck the essence out of those poor little creatures...I forgot what they were called, starts with an "n"...I think. Oh, and I was going to name my next pet Fizzgig, but never did. And of course, the fact that only the girl Geflings had wings was fantastic for us women. Wink Smilie Some of the Muppets in The Dark Crystal were truly amazing though.
We have a copy of The Dark Crystal around here somewhere. My kids watch it now and then and seem to like it. I don't care for the good guys and the bad guys being halves of the same whole. But there were many neat things about the movie, so I can understand others' liking it. I suppose I just like Willow more.
Willow is a great film... It's Warick Davis, by the way, who plays Willow. As well as being in Star wars, he's also Filius Flitwick in the Harry Potter films.

Val Kilmer is excellant. Personally, I think it's his best movie.

Some of my favourite quotes come from this film....

Sorsha: What happened to "You are my sun, my moon, my starlit sky"?
Madmartigan: It went away.
Sorsha: "I dwell in darkness without you," and it *went away*?

Sorsha: What are you looking at?
Madmartigan: Your leg. I'd like to break it.

High Aldwin: [throws an apple into the air which turns into a bird] Go in the direction the bird is flying!
Burgelcutt: He's going back to village!
High Aldwin: Ignore the bird. Follow the river.

Willow: See this acorn? I'll throw it at you and turn you to stone!
Madmartigan: Ooh, I'm really scared. Help! There's a peck with an acorn pointed at me!
Those quotes are favorites of mine also. I also like Burglecut getting some of his own back when examining the baby to see if she's sick. "She's not sick. Let me see." And then getting a face full of vomit. We had babies when we first saw this, and we laughed ourselves silly.
Val Kilmer was actually married with Joanna Whalley (actress who portrays Sorsha) for several years. They met on the set of 'Willow'.