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Perhaps some of you may remember this movie with some fondness. This is the one about the kid who lives in the trailer park and plays a videogame all the time. The game is about defeating some enemy and becoming a great starfighter pilot. Suddenly, the kid finds out that the game is really a training/recruitment tool of some kind of galactic federation that looks for pilots in unlikely places. Someone turns up to persuade him to come and join, even gives him a tour of the fighter facility on another planet. He turns them down--"It's not my war," and returns home only to find out the enemy won't leave him or earth alone unless he helps to defeat them. So he goes back to join up and defend earth and the galaxy.

Did anyone else like this movie, or am I silly for starting this thread? Can anyone remember who was in this flick? I can't remember offhand. Any comments?
I feel like the agent was ...right here in River City and that stands for Pool..., but I'm probably wrong. The Last Starfighter was a good story and I liked the interaction between the younger brother and the robot that secretly took the placed of our young hero, what's his face.
Well i saw the Wing Commander movie (God forbid), but i guess that's something else.
I saw a 80s movie long ago about a human starfighter that crashed on a planet after a space fight and there came upon the alien starfighter he had been fighting; in order to survive, they had to set aside their enmity and cooperate... and eventually became friends.

Sadly I forgot the name of this movie. Anyone know it?

I think that movie was "My Enemy, My Ally," with Dennis Quaid as the human and Louis Gossett (I believe) as the drak.

Thanks, I've looked into it and the names of the actors are correct, however the movie is entitled Enemy Mine.
That's what I get for relying on my memory. Thanks, Vir.