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This is one of those movies that seems to tell a story that we might have heard somewhere before--like a fairytale that has been retold umpteen times. Anyone remember this flick with David Bowie as the bad guy? The Muppets were fantastic, I thought, and it was very funny in the right measure to the scary bits. Any comments?
Yes, and the morale of the story is: be careful what you wish for, because when it comes true you will spend a lot of time and effort trying to undo it. I got a kick out her knight errant and the boulders. I haven't seen it for years, so I don't remember their names.
I loved that movie! I watch it every time I notice it on cable. I had seen it many years ago before I met my husband, and could only remember parts of it, and had forgotten the name as well. One night, Matthew asked me if I had seen it, and of course I told him no! So we sat down and watched it together. I was shocked when I realized what it was, and that I had seen it. Now we have watched it with our son several times, it has become a family favorite. I am not sure if we have it on DVD, but I will check, and if not, that would be a great Christmas present for Matthew. Thank you for reminding me of this cute movie.

I love this movie - yes, you can get it on DVD - cos I've got it!
I watched it again on DVD last night with popcorn and had a ball. The extras showing how they made it was great too.