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Since a lot of 80's mfantasy movies are being mentioned, does anyone remember Legend. It had a youngish Tom Cruise in the lead role of Jack, but the prize must go to Tim Curry's Lord of Darkness. At the time he was one of the best movie bad guys I had ever seen. They managed to give a 'fairy-like' quality to the lighting and sets too.
Yes, I remember Tom Cruise in this. It seems like a long time ago! Who was it who played Gump? I didn't remember Tim Curry was the devil character. What a good makeup/effects that was! Did they get any awards for that? This movie seemed to capture the classic look of fairies, etc., but I'm not sure I liked the unicorns--which were central to the plot.What I always wondered is where this was taking place.
when i first saw it when i was little i was scared stiff when the devil guy came up very scary, good for itz time i think and tom cruise looked so YOUNG. pity what time can do to ya! great film though
I remember it. In fact I have it on DVD. Fun film. Tom Cruise... Mmmmmmm....
I didn't remember Tim Curry was the devil character. What a good makeup/effects that was! Did they get any awards for that?

They were nominated for an Oscar in Best Make-up catagory, but lost out to The Fly.
Thanks, I thought it might have been a contender. So does anyone know if the plot was based on an old story? Or was it just made up for the movie?
I think it is an original, written by William Hjortsberg as a screenplay. Of course I have no expertise on this subject and I didn't google it very far, other than to find that its original title is Legend of Darkness.
There's one memorable line in this film: "The dreams of youth are the regrets of maturity".

Yes! I have this DVD collection. When I was younger I only remember ever seeing the U.S. Theatrical version but with the collection came the additional Director's cut with the score from Jerry Goldsmith rather than Tangerine Dream.

Yes we have this on DVD, I must say I much prefer Richard Donner's other movie 'Lady Hawke'

Nice....I haven't seen Legend in years. In fact, the only thing I can really remember are random flashbacks of Tim Curry. The best kind of flash backs in my opinion!!

Lady Hawke , Wow, that brings back memories. I haven't seen that film in ages.

I'm a fan of Legend -- minus what was to me, annoying attempts at humor that is.

It seems a classic tale of a mortal (however innocent) intervening in the world of faery which leads to dire consequences.

I'm not necessarily a Tom Cruise fan but I think he was fine here. Mia Sara was superb in my opinion -- and to my mind she had a tough role. I thought 'Gump' also was very good, and Una. And Darkness of course! And if memory serves, Lily leaves without Jack in the later, special edition ending. This would make sense to me as she is 'other' in his world, as he would be in hers, although I think Lily asks if she can still visit Jack.

However, again the attempted humor not only annoyed me but ripped me out of the fantasy.  Not that I don't enjoy humor or lightness, but I think it's very tough to do in a fairy tale and maintain the right tone -- although I'll admit that it's fairly subjective as to just what the 'right tone' is!

If I knew how to edit films I could improve this one (to my liking) by shortening it! but I liked it in general.