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Alright, here goes another one that has been out a while. Who remembers The Shadow wiht Alec Baldwin? I liked this for how well it resurrected the old radio series but adapted to the movie genre. The effects were pretty good. And it was another movie in which Tim Curry played a baddie. So did anyone else like it?
Most certainly, but then I was a kid in the forties and fifties listening to radio shows like Captain Midnight, Sargent Preston, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Superman, The Green Hornet, The Shadow, Sky King, Big Jon and Sparky, The Buster Brown Show, Dick Tracy, etc.
Saw the flick with Baldwin. Thought it sucked bigtime. Didn't even watch it til the end, i think.
No, I don't agree. This movie was no LOTR, but it was good for what it was. Baldwin played a believable role, and fought a believable adversary. The effects were good, even though I'm sure the budget was not there for what we are used to now. And, after all, it was an old radio hero brought to the big screen. That genre of drama may not appeal to all, but that does not make it bad.

Does anyone know if there were ever any plans for a sequel?