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I thought we might like to reminisce about those old movies that we like to see at this time of year.

Some of my favorites are "It's a Wonderful Life," with Jimmy Stewart, "A Charlie Brown Christmas," "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (the cartoon with Boris Karloff's voice), and "Santa Claus, the Movie," with Burgess Meredith and Dudley Moore. But my favorite of all is "Scrooge," the 1970 musical with Albert Finney and Sir Alec Guiness. I also like very much other versions of Dickens' story, as the old B&W "Christmas Carol" with Alistair Sim, as well as the newer one with Patrick Stewart (Capt. Picard!). The kids never tire of the Finney version, with Scrooge singing "Thank you very much," with the crowd that is carrying his coffin, and he never the wiser for the true reason of their joy!

So what are your favorite movies for Christmas time?
Die Hard! (just kidding) I really enjoyed Elf. There are so many wonderful quotes from that movie.
Oh yes I love the Grinch movie too. And I always watch Home Alone on X-mas eve. The first is the best!
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Doesn't anyone here know Dickens' classic tale? Or the movie versions? Or am I too old fashioned? It used to be that the weirdest thing to happen around Christmas was Marley banging his money boxes together while screaming at Scrooge! I guess I'd better go find my Ghost of Christmas Past costume...
The first 'A Christmas Carol' I saw was when in the fourth grade the sixth graders presented it. The best one is the Alisair Sim's one; though 'Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol' is good. I also thought toolman Tim Allen's first santa movie 'The Santa Clause' was cute. I haven't seen the two sequels.
There was a movie of A Christmas Carol? Hey I never knew that. The only version I saw was the Disney cartoon with Mickey and Donald...The book was great, of course. The movie was okay too, but I haven't watched it for a long long time now...
Personally, my favourite version was the Blackadder one.
I remember another, "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer." The first time I saw it on network TV it was postponed in the East because of the ice storm in 1964 (I think that was the year). I am glad they remastered it so my kids can see it as I would have liked to--we had only a B&W TV till much later.
Well, I seem to be talking to myself here, but I thought of another movie/TV special I wanted to share.

Does anyone remember "The Little Drummer Boy"? It was a Rankin/Bass sort of claymation story about the little boy Aaron who lost his family and played his drum for the Newborn King in Bethlehem. We got a copy of it a few years ago, and the kids liked that it came with a toy/ornament of Aaron. I thought the narration by Greer Garson was great.
I seem to remember small mule or burro, and also the evil ear-worm that still continues to play on and on ad-nauseam, in my mind.
We watch ’Rudolph’ every year, and I think I’ve seen ’Little Drummer Boy’ once’ I seem to remember a couple other similarly animated movies, both involving a young Santa Claus. The one I remember best is about a town where toys are outlawed and it never snows. Someone has to go to the Cold Meister and the Heat Meister to get it to snow, and a young Kris Kringle hands out presents’ or something like that. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

I really want to see the Patrick Stewart version of ’A Christmas Carol,’ but haven’t had the opportunity. My favorite movie version that I’ve seen is ’A Muppet Christmas Carol,’ which is actually almost as accurate as some other movie versions, and much funnier. My dad and I both think it has the best actor for Fred of any version we’ve seen, and Michael Cane makes a good Scrooge. The Muppets themselves fill most of the other roles, including Kermit and Ms. Piggy as Bob and Mrs. Cratchit and Fozzi as Mr. Fezziwig, and Gonzo the Great and Rizzo the Rat as joint narrators.

I also love ’It’s a Wonderful Life’ and the original Charlie Brown Christmas special
You are remembering two movies. "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" is the one about the baby "Klaus" who is adopted by the Kringle elves and grows up, defeats the Winter Wizard (actually converts him), and becomes Santa by defying the Burgomeister's decree against toys. "The Year Without a Santa Claus" is the one where Mrs. Claus goes around trying to find out who has upset the weather, Cold Miser or Heat Miser. It turns out they are both thwarting the Santa's ride, and Mrs. C. goes to Mother Nature to straighten out her children. They are both cute, but I haven't seen them in years.
im not a great fan of christmas movies but i think that a perfect classic is the 'im walking in the air!!!' but i cant remember the title, jack frost? i think thatz itz a good ole classic (if its such a classic how come i cant remember it??? haha Orc Grinning Smilie )
Don't forget "A Christmas Story" with Ralphie's BB-gun and the tongue stuck on the frozen lamp post.
It's A Wonderful Life, Scrooge - the Alistair Sim one (dunno why they didn't call it A Christmas Carol) and the Muppet Christmas Carol!

It ain't Christmas in our house until we have that one on!
*stares at previous post* I didn't mention White Christmas?!?! How could I not mention White Christmas?!?! I hear there's a new version now (or maybe it's on Broadway? They had cast members in the Macy's parade, but I didn't catch whether it was a movie or a play), but I'm talking about the one with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. Awesome stuff. We just watched it the other night. Big Smile Smilie
I loved and still love the Christmas Carol with Alistar, it starts the beginning of our Christmas season at our house. We put it on while decorating the tree and eating yummie things and drinking hot chocolate and spiced hot apple cider.
I always watch the Home Alone one and two, New York is so Christmasy and the first one is wonderful.
I love Rudolf, both of them, both Frosty s and the Drummer boy. I especially love the 'fourth wise man, it makes me cry.
I always want to smack my head into a wall when it's a wonderful life comes on. I find it exhausting, tedious tedious tedious and well tedious.
The grinch well he is a favorite, he is also played that evening. And th en miracle on 34th. I like both the old and new versions.
suddenly I feel like taking a nice long walk in the white fluffy snow.
Wasn't Die Hard set in Christmastime? I could be wrong.
Yes the original Die Hard was set at Christmas time.
Yippee ki-yay, I was right.
No more Christmas movies from John Hughes. I felt incredibly sad at his death over the weekend.
I was watching Uncle Buck the other day and missing my fellow Canadian John Candy and now I am glad I did. There is something wonderful and magical about John's movies despite their often cliche or silly content. Something that always leaves me, the Christmas movies I mean, that leaves me feeling there is hope in this world of hate and darkness-hope in the simple love between family members. Love, hope, redemption, forgiveness. I loved them
Hogfather is also a made for TV Christmas movie that is on DVD. Near the winter solstice, on Hogfather Night, the Hogfather rides around in his sleigh pulled by four fat boars, carrying a big bag full of toys, delivering them to good little girls and boys. In the movie, from Terry Pratchett's book of the same title, the old boy goes missing and Death takes his place while Susan, Death's granddaughter figures out why and bring things back to normal, while also filling in for her grandparent, wearing black, carrying a great-sword, and riding Binky, Death's white horse. Death-of-Rats also makes an appearance in the movie, as does the Tooth Fairy. David Jason stars as Death's butler and fills in as an Elf; while Ian Richardson is the narrator and the voice of Death.

my absolute favorite is the black and white Scrooge by Dickens with Alister Sims, it means a great deal to me. Then Home Alone, the first, then Fred Claus, I always cry my heart out at the end. Paul Giamati and Vince Vaughn are phenominal. After that the cartoon Grinch that stold Christmas and then hmmmmm, The Snowman and the sequel Father Christmas. Also I have always loved Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer and i have the remastered version. Gandalf, just a point of interest, the woman who played Rudolf and the gentleman who played Hermie the elf that became a dentist both are of course retired and live in Toronto, Canada,my country and live next door to one another in an apartment complex. Cool eh?

Yes, I remember that movie well.  The first time I saw it on network TV it was new, and it had to be rebroadcast due to an icestorm in the Eastern US--that was 1964, I think.  We watched it every year till we all graduated high school.  Now my kids are all teens, and they have grown up watching it too.