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Hm. I was just reading the post about 'Willow', and realized, for all of our talking, there is no thread for 'The Dark Crystal' in this thread or the favorite movies thread! Well, here it is!
Let's talk about Gelflings!
*a couple of hours later...*
I don't know how I missed this thread. Jim Henson's Dark Crystal was a wonderful fantasy film.
"looks like a Gelfling, smells like a Gelfling..."
I haven't seen the moving in a long time... but yeah, great movie!
I and my 85 year old friend watched Dark Crystal yesterday afternoon. He had missed seeing it way back when and really enjoyed it with me. My daughter gave it to me on DVD. They sure put a lot of work making the movie; which was well worth the effort as far as I'm concerned. I hope they made a ton of money on it.
I too saw this movie again recently and I forgot how brilliant it was.
I saw this movie a while back.
I really liked it. Too bad I was so busy i didn't see it from the beginning Sad Smilie